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Do you still remember your first love or lover?
My first real lover was Joseph and I was in High School. I'll never forget those several nights (in a positive way).

I feel like I am still waiting for my first love, having just come out at 60
I'm not sure if I've had a first LOVE. I've had several crushes though, some of them even got pretty serious, but I don't know about LOVE...
First love.. When I was 15.
So in love with him but I dissed him after realizing that a relationship with a Bi (with girlfriend) is not good at all.
Evan88 Wrote:First love.. When I was 15.
So in love with him but I dissed him after realizing that a relationship with a Bi (with girlfriend) is not good at all.

a relationship with anyone who already has a girlfriend/boyfriend is rarely good ~
I've found this hard to answer because it's fuzzy for me. My "first" was really more of my BFF with benefits that was off and on again. I'd fooled around a little with others (boys) but it was only curiosity and no heat on my part, and I expect it was far more memorial to them than to me.

When me and my BFF were 15 she took part in making fun of 2 girls for being lesbians (they weren't, and even she knew it, but that's another story) and I confronted her over it, asking if she thought what we did together was all gross and disgusting like that. She got upset & defensive with me and said we were "just practicing" (so it "didn't count") and then started a major project to "feminize" me (kinda funny in that in all our fooling around she always had me be the boy, and she was very promiscuous, btw, but I think I was the only girl she ever had sex with), as she thought part of my problem was that I was actually starting to think I was a boy (and no boy would want me as a result and it might lead to our being bullied someday, and btw, that leads to another interesting story...).

And to top it off she thought it was time I had real sex (that is, lose my virginity, not some minor fooling around) to a guy and I pointed out that I had delayed puberty (I'd entered it briefly but it stopped and a doctor said I needed to gain weight to enter it again, and given how athletic I was and poorly I ate that just wasn't going to happen), but she decided that my doctor was an idiot (she thought she was too fat and the idea of a doctor telling anyone, even a beanpole like me, to gain weight was ludicrous) and that if I had sex that it would jump start my body back into puberty, and would also show me that there was a difference between "practice" (ie, lesbian) sex and boy on girl sex, and also help me be more of a girl.

Most of my friends were "thrashers" (skateboarders), mostly boys (many of whom she'd had sex with) and she got me to choose a guy and then she did her own thing to get him to take my virginity. The other boys thought this was cool and all the kids thought this was a good idea. Except me. I'd have gone to an adult but they weren't trustworthy and it would be insulting to trust an adult over my friends. The one exception was Granny, but she was hundreds of miles away, Mom wouldn't let me call her (back then long distance cost a lot more), and I wasn't willing to tell anyone what I wanted to talk to her about, let alone have them listen in, so I went along with it despite my feeling that this was a huge mistake.

And it was. I liked him a lot, as a friend, but it was horrible, at least borderline traumatic, and I'm sure he doesn't remember it well either. I didn't blame him, I blamed myself for going along with it (the upside is I never let peer pressure override me on something I was sure about again), and tried putting it behind me but it was always awkward between us after, and when I realized I was probably never going to see him again I felt a tremendous amount of relief as well as wistful regret.

Luckily, the next I had sex with a boy and a girl (age 17 and within a few months of each other) was much better, but then that time with a boy really taught me about being careful.
First year boarding school. We were both 14. Mike was his name and I remember it like it was yesterday! It was 1966! Some things you just NEVER forget!

Oh yes, I tried girls as well but cannot remember her name! It was not a good experience.
my first love was a mate at school his name was Scot and lived round the corner from me we traveled to school together but was in the year above me after school we hung around all the time .
lover. not sure how a lover would be defined so will go with the first guy I got together with
I was 16 he was 28 so 12 years old his name was peter and just wanted me to fuck him it happened a few times for about 3 weeks then his girlfriend got pregnant so it stopped.
I dont remember the first guy I had sex with.

Ive never been "in love".......but I remember the only guy I have ever fallen in love with, and his name was Jim. Nothing ever came of it. I didnt even realize I had fallen in love with him until he moved away. He was a roommate with fringe benefits at the time.

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