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Easy to get into an relationship?
Hi Members,

Wanted to discuss about a topic with you all.

Do you think its easy to get a boyfriend?

Based on what I have seen in social media like Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter etc., I have noticed that most of the gay men have boyfriends. (like 80 - 90% of what I have seen so far).

It makes me think that it is easy to find a boyfriend and get into a relationship. 

What are your views about this?

Thank you.
For me, it wasn't easy. But this was more due to the fact I wasn't putting myself out there because of social anxiety. I found it difficult to talk to people because I knew it would lead to meeting in person, and I dreaded that. Iam quite lucky to have found the one, and it was through this very website. I was very lucky. I don't know where I would be now if I didn't find Toby here. And he was the one that initiated things, found me. Thank god he did!

But that is just one factor that can make things tough when trying to find a soulmate. Clicking with that someone and indeed finding someone that wants the same thing as you out of a relationship can be hard. You sometimes get lucky but sometimes you have to kiss many frogs to find your prince (cliché I know but it sums things up quite well here). That doesn't mean you should give up though. Sometimes all the pieces come together, but it isn't always easy.
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@soulfulriver I think that you've only noticed the guys on social media who have boyfriends. It can be both easy and hard to get a boyfriend, there's plenty of variables involved. The important thing is being honest about what you really want. Someone here on the forum recently said that guys sometimes fall in love with having a boyfriend but not the boyfriend.
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It's not easy to get a good boyfriend, one who would be faithful and had no commitment issues. I don't have a boyfriend because 1. I'm not looking and 2. I'm a loner to the point where I'm not sure if I want someone else in my life.

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