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Facebook status'gay joke'
I'm not sure how to take this but a dentist friend's facebook status was hijacked by his coworkers and it said:

"License removed... now filling dudes!"

I knew that was a joke knowing Wally is the furthest thing away from being gay but I would really like to tell his co-workers who are also friends of mine to tone it down on the 'gay jokes'.

Just wish I knew how Sad
Perhaps the more disturbing thing is having your FB account hacked, even by workmates(?).
Chances are that the person's phone or PC had Facebook still logged on, my phone leaves facebook logged on until i specifically log it off.

Just try to ignore any statuses like that which the person wouldn't have done themselves, the whole "I'm gay" type of facebook statuses from those who aren't the user of the account is very common.

Why do you feel they need to tone it down?

Don't tell me why, personally I couldn't care less - figure out the why you need them to tone it down and then tell them, or make a facebook post and have everyone like it or something like that....
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
... and they think that's funny, Bryan??? I fail to see what's funny about it.
i must admit i did chuckle a little because i got what it ment but to be honest i wouldnt worry too mucfh if u retaliate it only gets worse lol


zeon xx
I thought it was quite amusing!

It seems people are offended by the slightest little thing at the moment.
It's very sad.
Were they attempting to be mean and hateful? Do they do things like this so often that it gets tiring and annoying?
I can understand why this is bothersome.

I once enjoyed talking about Disney characters with a handful of people online (I was there maybe 2 weeks) and it somehow got onto Bridge to Terabithia and their inevitable romance had the girl survived. I mentioned the problems of childhood and that if they got together too soon (which they likely would) then one was likely to seriously hurt the other and it could destroy their relationship, and even if they didn't most people grow apart as they grow up (even those early marriages are often called "practice" by the older & cynical for a better marriage later on). That got them to wondering how they could overcome the pitfalls of childhood & immaturity and I'd posted best case scenerio (even if the boy's dad didn't care for it) is that they're both gay, that would probably maximize their chances of being best friends forever. And it was deleted and I got a warning for "trolling." And that reminded me of how many people (unlike me) see being gay as a "bad thing." I never told them that I was gay myself, I just left without a word and years later I still haven't even visited that board even once, because if being gay is so horrible then that meant I'm horrible. (ETA: this board was nearly all adults, the only exception I know of being a high schooler, and was also a few months after BtT came out in 2007, many of them parents upset over the girl dying followed by their kids crying, so it wasn't like I was on a board for kids, and in the warning I got from the site manager there was no "think of the children" message to go along with it.)

And just last night I stumbled across a fail compilation vid and I was puzzled by the very first pic involving a couple of men and several women excited by a male strip dancer, and the only reason I caught it was the words "fail" were on it with circles around the guys. Once it became clear that the ONLY reason they "failed" was because they were guys enjoying a male strip dancer I realized it meant it "failed" to be gay, and that meant the person posting the vid thought I was a failure. At least in this case I didn't know the person at all so I didn't particularly care, I just returned the vid poster's contempt with my own, but had a friend of mine posted that, or someone I work with on a daily basis, then my feelings would've been hurt.

On top of that it's just plain immature and lame (the word some would use is "gay"), you know the kind of humor that appealed to you when you were like 10 but just annoying as an adult (at least that's how I would explain it, some people never outgrow being 10, or even 5).
honestly speaking, that youtube stuff with the he-man videos and the brokeback mountain blurbs is actually pretty funny.

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