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Family feud advice needed plz
Hi All,
My boyfriend and his younger brother (13 years age) are at war.. Basically a photo of them all as youngsters was uploaded onto facebook and someone outside the family tagged it saying they looked like each other when my boyfriend was 13 years younger.. His had a massive fued with my bf since he stuck up against his brother to his mother as the brother was treating her like shit and he didnt like it.. Anyhoo they now all at each others throats and going belistic over all this.. Despite their grandfather dying his brother has to cause uproar and trouble he left a comment saying "You are a dirty dirty faggit your not part of the family" and my bf put one stating that his brother is dead.. Well found out that the whole family have got another ball rolling with this and i told my bf that he needs to grab his younger brother and sit with him and make him make up and stop being a 18 year old bone idol bastard as he is making his mum stressed and attacking the family because they wont reject my boyfriend is a immature reason.. I told my boyfriend that anymore comments he makes we will save and build up enough rope for him to hang himself with and then take the matter to the police for homophobic remarks and harrassment etc and let him be someones bitch behind bars hehe.. I am on the whole slightly tired and thinking why is it when one drama finishes another unfolds??? They best stop arguing by my birthday on the 19th or else the phones are going off and the family can leave us be for one day

*admires ones butchness lol*

Does anyone wanna trade places with me and me bf for a quiet life?

kindest regards

zeon x
The poor kid has some troubles, let him deal with them or help him and he will realize hes being a twat.

dunno if it helps, but I tried.
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nope, kinda enjoying the quiet life thank you very much
It sounds to me like he has some growing up to do. Just try to rise above his comments and don't legitimize his behavior by rising to it, his views may well change over time and if that happens he will likely want a good relationship with his brother. Make sure you are the calm, sensible level headed party in all of this and don't do anything to make the situation worse.

A feud is not in anybody’s interests.

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