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Fan of "Hunting Season" or acting? Check this out!
Hi Everyone!

I'm currently working on "Hunting Season 2" and we have a great opportunity for fans, actors and others to mix and mingle while being on camera!

This Friday 7/25 and Satuday 7/26 in New York City we will be shooting at a gay club and need extras (for half day or less! Although unpaid, we are offering SAG vouchers and/or a chance to meet the cast (can also count towards IMDB) credit.

Please message me for more information

Much thanks!!
[Image: spam5.jpg]
Yeay~ Season 2 is coming~
“Speak a good word or (better) remain silent”

[Image: tumblr_mq5gdfGWzG1sqwk90o1_500.gif]
wait so it's even just half a day....why is it unpaid?

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