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Father of the Year found
At least he gets my vote. 1luvu

Quote:Dad says he’s trying to raise his son to believe he doesn’t have to conform to social expectations just because of his sex. “I’m not one of those pseudo-intellectual daddies that rambles on about studying gender justice, and then, as soon as the child is born, falls back into the comfortable and clichéd gender roles.”

Having his dad show such strong support gave Pickert’s kinder the security he needed to start wearing a frock in public. Once, a judgmental neighbor stared so intently, she slammed face-first into a streetlight. “My son was roaring with laughter,” says Pickert.

Now the little tiger has started painting his nails. When classmates give him the stinkeye, he simple says “You only don’t dare to wear skirts and dresses because your dads don’t dare to either.” “That’s how broad his own shoulders have become by now,” says Pickert “All thanks to daddy in a skirt.”

Full story here:
omg thats so sweet:biggrin:
awww i wish my father was more like that
That's amazing 8D Uber awesome!
Wow. Smile

Related, kind of:

Had to get the Little Guy a Happy Meal today. The choice was a Power Ranger (sorry, I hate, hate, hate them!) or a cute little monkey bracelet. I told them to give me the bracelet, that Little Guy has a big sister. After giving him his food, I told him he has a couple of choices. He can trade it with his sister for a different toy, trade it for a toy from the prize box, or keep it.

He was adamant that he wanted to keep it. And that his sister Better Not Touch It! I reminded him that it's a bracelet, and it goes on your arm. It's usually a girl toy. He gave me the stink eye and said "I know what a bracelet is, Mommy."

Words from an almost-five-year-old boy (who happens to love nail polish!). 8^)
So cool, both the Father of the Year and you Gossamer.
I actually read that story a few hours ago and was going to post it here. It caught my attention because it had a photo of Dad walking hand in hand with his son both wearing red dresses.

It's a beautful story and thanks for sharing.
Thanks, Blue! Although I'm sure his daddy will *love* this... :Confusedigh:: (At least the nail polish thing amuses Daddy...)
That is so heart warming , welcome to the normal side of parenthood.
My mum was right to give me my Snow White costume then??? All those years ago, how forward of her!!! Bless her.

But, admittedly, as a single mother, she wore the trousers! Wink

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