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Favorite Type of Condom
Hey Guys,

I am not that experienced in bed. What type of condoms do you think is the best for gay sex specifically?

Ribbed or Non ribbed?

Extra Thin or Regular

What type of lube?

What is the best gay condom now so I can go out and buy it.

Uh, there aren't really any 'gay' condom per se. A thicker condom would probably be best if the sex is pretty rough, to avoid tearing. Lube.. Silicon ones are great for anal. At least according to my 'research' :p Doesn't dry out like water-based lubes.
Here is a good previous post about lube:
I can vouch for that. Silicone lube is slick Sh!t stays wet longer.

My partner is rather large in that department so we use trojan magnums. Nice fit strong and extra long.

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