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Feeling extra sad today
Once again, I'm forced to have a date with loneliness on Valentine's Day as usual.

I am a gay guy and in my mid-thirties. I have never been in a love relationship before. But I really desire to be in one.

But getting a boyfriend seems to be a Herculean task. While people around seem to get boyfriends easily with a snap of a finger.

Whoever I develop feelings for, eventually ends up with another partner. It makes me feel whether I am fated to be with no-one in my life.

I can't help feeling jealous whenever I see couples in real life or in social media.

As age passes by, I am starting to feel more fear. Fear that I will not get to experience a romantic relationship in my life at all. 

Wonder when is the day I can celebrate Valentine's Day with my romantic partner....... Or whether that day will even come in my life......

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