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Felt good to get this off of my shoulders.
Today i came out to my entire family, i didnt care what the reactions were. All i knew is ii felt like i was going to inpload under my own gayness.

So after that my grandmother yells at me in some sort of weird demonic tounge (italian). my grandfather laughed and said it dosnt bother him, and that im always his grandson, even if i was quote "a def blind stricken dumb bastard child". so after all this funny drama and demonic tounge. i went to a local gay bar with my fake ID (big woop a fake ID ) and i met the nicest guy iv ever met, he bought me a White vodka with strawberry, wich is the best thing ever. so the day gose by faster and now its 10:20 pm on a wendsday night, and im glad i gave that man my number.

Today was the greatest day in a long time for me. :biggrin:
Congrats, dude! These successful coming out stories really make me feel good. I'm glad you had an amazing day. I know you're always gonna remember it as time goes by.
Congrats Siel, that took some balls dude.

Are you kidding me fake IDs are a right of passage at your age, ever seen SuperBad.
....oh man i wish mine said Mc Lovin' .... or Mc Fly, bring back the 90's

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