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Fiber routine
What’s the best fiber routine for keeping things clean for obvious reasons?
The simplest answer is to simply eat foods that are high in fiber. Things like fruits, veggies, oats. Avoid foods that are processed, have a lot of residue, etc. Just eating healthy will help a lot, stay hydrated. Of course you would want to do something like an enema or douching beforehand. If you know you're going to have sex you might perhaps skip a meal.
Metamucil (or generic brands) with Psyllium Husk is a great fiber supplement, take it daily...
I use supplements, which have really helped me (I am a total (100%) bottom). Pure for Men was by far the best supplement. It can be pricey, so I tried Metamucil. It works too, but Pure for Men is still the best.
Taking 2 Psyllium caps per day and it works great. Saves toilet paper, too ;-)

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