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Flirts by Video vs flirts by Photo
This is just kind of wanting to vent. Something kind of fascinates me. In the gay community, in my opinion, there are some gay guys with seemingly no inhibitions. Open to hookups, and love to send flirty pictures. And real flirty, naughty pictures. But what I've noticed is when suggesting to video chat, many gay guys, although flirty in every other way and uninhibited are turned off by the idea of video chatting. And I just sort of wonder why? To be open to flirt in literally every other way, except by video just kind of baffles me. I guess it's a bit of to each their own. To me I think a video chat is a better way to connect because you actually get to talk and see the person then just by sending a picture.
Sounds a really intriguing way to meet guys online, like meeting for a coffee date to get to know each other.
Hi  1syellow1 I couldn't agree with you more on the fact that some LGBT+ use video-chat as a type of "relationship" when going to Starbucks for a coffee or McDonald's for food—let alone—the local park to ask each other out is more appropriate; albeit, you must understand that 12.67% of LGBT+ are unfortunately suffering from mental&/emotional health problems. They could be shy; confounded with voices; disoriented with emotions; etc. etc. This not only bars them away from general society but they also could use a little push to feel more comfortable.

In certainty, take care!
"[ 1syellow1 1syellow1  ] The most beautiful boy is nothing." - Socrates/Plato
I agree with you. Same with voice notes. Too many guys "hate the sound of my (their) own voice". Dude, what? Don't listen to it then. It is for more ears anyway. Same with sending video clips over WhatsApp.

I do get it - being on camera or microphone can make you feel uncomfortably self-aware, but the reality is, we are living in 2022 2023 with smartphones with cameras/mics - and people want connection. They want to see and hear you.

However, I do understand not wanting video calls necessarily. I think the age of the phonecall is dying, which is sad, the phonecall did have a purpose: focused time devoted to one person. But in this day, when people are busier and exhausted, swapping texts and video clips is more conveniant because you can respond when you're ready without having to drop what you are doing. But that in itself is sad because it then means you're too busy for a focused conversation. There are upsides and downsides to both.

Plus, in my experience, the people who want video calls ususally end up wanting them EVERY DAY. I just don't have that many things to talk about. Then they start interrogating you on why you aren't available; and why you are delayed in your responses; and why you don't seem to want calls now when you did before; and then you end up feeling like you owe an explanation, which is just draining.

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