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Follow Up
In June, I posted a thread with the title: "Confused, Depressed, Heartbroken"

I got involved with a guy who is dating a girl and I ended up falling for him. He said he was very much in love with her and that between me and him there are only past mistakes. I saw him in May for the last time. We had a few text discussions during the summer and just recently we left our arguments behind.

Even though we have a friendly relationship, I miss him so much. I tried to forget him and nothing seems to work. I don't text him anymore and unbeknownst to him, I unfollowed him on Facebook and Instagram. I think about him even when I tried not to and even when I am texting and meeting other guys.

Why is it so hard? I don't want to feel worthless anymore.
First, I'm sorry, it always hurts to be into someone who isn't really that into you.

Two, make a life for yourself first. Don't tie your self-worth to being with anyone else.

Three, get out there, make FRIENDS, do stuff with them, and maybe you'll find other guys to fall for.

Four, try not to fall for every guy who gives you attention. Catsmiley
Those who have HATE in their heart are HATEFUL PEOPLE
Worthless? How does the fact that this guy has decided he prefers women make you worthless? You absolutely need to stop thinking that way. If a woman fell for you, and you told her you prefer men, would that make her worthless?

Really good advice above from [MENTION=22879]kindy64[/MENTION], I can only echo what he said.

I'm sorry, I know it hurts. But try to focus on the present. Believe it or not, things do eventuually get better.
"That's just the way it is
Some things will never change
That's just the way it is
Ah, but don't you believe them..."
~~~~~~~~Bruce Hornsby,, "That's Just The Way It Is"
While I can't explain the irrationality of human behavior as to why we have crushes and are willing to drag ourselves through the mud over someone even when they don't like you back.

However what I can say is you need to try to move on and forget him, at least so you can find someone who is worthy of you. Never an easy thing, and while I wish I could say how to do it, I can't. It is something that only time can fix, just have to learn to stop thinking about him.

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