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Funny Videos
ceez Wrote:@BigCub OMG I'm a Jeanne Robertson fan now:biggrin: I love how she calls her husband "left brain".

If you do a search for her name on youtube, you will find a lot of her videos. I only posted a few on here, she is freaking hysterical. If you go to her website you can order a DVD of several of her speeches. I can only imagine how funny a 2 hour video of her would be.

Oh & there are MANY other stories of "left brain" you can watch on you tube. He plays a HUGE part in all her stories
The late, great Foster Brooks making Dean Martin cry with laughter . . .


one of the weirdest things I've ever seenLaugh2

all about the beads Wink

People don't read signs.


If we had more ads like this, We'd never get bored. Smile

Funny and adorable! Oh how I love kitty cats Confusedmile:

wintermoon Wrote:Funny and adorable! Oh how I love kitty cats Confusedmile:

if only there were more cat videos the world would be a much better place:biggrin:

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