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Gay Myths
No, I did not get a lisp and talk about a feminine fag. Rather, I found this article on LinkedIn and found it rather interesting.

How many myths have you encountered so far? One that I encountered that is not on the list is that somehow I am stealing potential mates. Which I really don't get since I would rather be dead than think I was chasing similar men as her.
The first problem is the article is from Huffington Post.
Do you mean "from the list" or "any at all?"

The ones I feel like I've run into the most commonly are:

Girls think I enjoy, and have some sort of special skill, at shopping or as a shopping partner (for women). (Nope)

Girls think I have any interest or more insightful opinion on women's shoes/clothes. (Nope)

I have some kind of special "good sense" about color or color combinations (If I do it's accidental)

Possibly the most annoying one (to me) is the assumption, and it's not always stated directly but hinted at indirectly, that every gay person is a top or a bottom.
Buzzer Wrote:Possibly the most annoying one (to me) is the assumption, and it's not always stated directly but hinted at indirectly, that every gay person is a top or a bottom.

Growing up I was of the opinion that ALL gay guys were bottoms. Cause it was only fags who took it up the ass. With that logic, the guy on top could not be gay cause he was not taking it up the ass he was giving it.

My wee brain was under way less pressure when I realized that gay men could also be tops.
I can't decorate, or cook, or sew. I have no fashion sense/style. Can't dance, can't sing. I've never worked in retail. I don't like martinis. ... and I can't deep throat.

Damn... I'm a loser!
Borg69 Wrote:I can't decorate, or cook, or sew. I have no fashion sense/style. Can't dance, can't sing. I've never worked in retail. I don't like martinis. ... and I can't deep throat.

Damn... I'm a loser!

You do very much have a style and I've seen you decorate. Wink
I think the ones that annoy me the most is that gays and lesbians "look a certain way" (which is typically over the top and very gender bending) and even a surprising number of gay men seem to buy into that (see enough post here at GS anyway saying the "only gay men all dress in drag" which goes to show they're only recognizing them as straight people do with all the others invisible to them...and natch, some gender benders are actually straight).

The one assuming sexual abuse is another common one. I can't tell if the two guys I barely knew (that I recall, and another asked after knowing me awhile) who asked me if I'd been sexually abused by my dad were just clueless who completely lacked socialization skills or if they were being passive aggressive against me for being lesbian.

'Course, don't forget that "most gays are pedophiles."

But some are so over the top that I'm amazed people believe them. One is that "because gays can't have kids" (yeah, right) that they therefore don't want anyone else to have kids and should have no say in society as a result (makes perfect sense to those who say things like this). And one I've heard a surprising number of times is that we "spread the gay virus." I'm still not clear if this is AIDS or a virus that turns people gay (so far they've been far too unstable for me to dare ask for clarification), but one even said we'd spit into people's food in secret to do it and another thought it should be acceptable to shoot someone gay drinking at a public fountain. One who thought along these lines warned me to "shoot to kill" any lesbians (he thought I was a heterosexual Christian) before they raped me to turn me gay (hope he didn't think raping lesbians would turn them straight...), and asking him what made him say that he told me of this on FOX News:

Btw, the organization (not gang) Pink Pistols is mostly gay men (and most women seem to be bi). Most women I knew who got pink pistols were typically very straight and narrow.

At least one church (that Rick Perry of Texas gets along with, or did years ago anyway) believes all gays are possessed by demons.

Though one man thought making Batwoman gay was a plot of the "gay agenda." I didn't bother to tell them that as such a move wasn't going to change the fact that it appealed to mostly a male audience and was probably done more out of male fanservice (and if controversy generated publicity and thus sales so much the better), which is to say it was pure capitalism that the man worshiped (not sure who the man loved more, Jesus or Mammon, but he definitely served both, or at least he appeared as he did), as the last thing I wanted him to do was allow his son to get the Batman comics and see if the boy remained a fan of Batman instead of Batwoman (and thus gay in his homophobic mind). And as much as I wanted to (for the laugh) I also didn't tell him of the long questionable tradition of Batman, such as this:

[Image: batman-leather-thong.jpg]

[Image: batmantouchofdoom.jpg]

Perhaps most disturbing...

[Image: Batbed.png]
Me and my lover have been major disappointments to some of the females we know ...I think they are expecting Will and/or Jack...

The things that stand out the most over the course of my life....

I'm not trying to be funny when I say this ...nor am I trying to be sarcastic...but my answer when someone asks me how they look or what something looks like on them or what their hair looks like is simple...I don't care and the question annoys me. It took me years to get to this point.....

If I like you I think you look great and I don't give a fuck if you are 500 pounds with pimples or a supermodel...I still think you look great

..If I hate look ugly...if I don't know you...I don't care to even think about it....

The way I see things is how I feel about them and that is why when anyone tries to define beauty for me they will piss me off...I don't know why that is so hard for most people to understand

I cured my friend Linda when I was younger when she didn't want to accept my honest response so when she dragged me to the mall and wanted my opinion I told her she looked fat in everything she tried worked....she never wanted me to go shopping again...

I have only asked someone ONCE how I looked...when I went to my brother's funeral...because I was nervous. I think it is silly to ask people how you look because I don't see why it matters what anyone else thinks.....I also think it is silly to say "thank you" when someone compliments you on your appearance. I don't understand the difference between saying you are good looking or ugly based solely on your physical appearance as both are subjective opinions that have nothing at all to do with anything IMO

I had to either pretend to go along with what everyone else says or just be content to exist in left field somewhere...I used to sometimes think maybe I wasn't really gay because of the way people expect you to behave and think about appearances but I finally decided I was gay....I was just from another planet.Winknudge
Sadly, a lot of this is very familiar. I've been ranked out by a few women who insist that if it were not for me, they could get my BF to be with them. The kind of myths that women perpetuate about cops are as bizarre as some of the gay myths.

And the myth that all gay guys look a certain way - I used to get annoyed when straights told me, 'But you don't look gay'...but I've stopped demanding that they tell me what gay looks like and just tell them that I have a good makeup artist.

But the one that annoys me the most is the one Pix mentioned, about gays not wanting kids and not wanting others to have them. My friend and his husband used surrogates and have 2 biological children. My BF and I have custody of his 3 year old nephew and are working on a permanent adoption. And no, ugliest myth/slur of all, we are not raising the boys to be little faggots
Actually, no, I fucking hate musicals. And go watch Glee somewhere else while you're at it.

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