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Gay and Gay Friendly Channels on Youtube
check this guy out, he's hot too:
Ugh... annoying! Imu2
I try not to watch the channels on youtube that are gay or gay friendly that much. Some of the channels to embrace the need to discuss the trials and discrimination that gay people face, others however will start off this way and then deviate to attention seeking videos in an attempt to gain more viewers.
I didn't think he was hot and stopped it in about 2 seconds lol

Well [MENTION=23512]CorsacReborn[/MENTION] has a point and it is true. Sometimes you can find a few good videos things about relationships, couples that have kids... so there are videos done by channels that don't deal with all the discrimination they have to deal with... I'll have to look for the channel when I have time.
Kyle Krieger
Tyler Oakley
DaveyWavey (wickydkewl)
Joey Graceffa
Todrick Hall
Gay by nature. Proud by choice.
Will try to give some people not mentioned so far.

Mark Miller (and Ethan Hethcote) the most perfect couple ever

I watch them, I also know there's RiyadhK, Travis, Connor Franta

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