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Gayspeak Village (Mafia Game)
Hello fellow members, I will be attempting to create a forum based mafia game. I’ve participated in them on another forum and always found them to be fun so thought I’d give it a shot in creating my own. If you've not played mafia before then read the rules below or click this link for a general understanding:

How It Works:
- The game is split into two sections, Day and Night. Each section will either last for 24 hours or as soon as everyone has PM’d me their actions for that turn.
- Players will receive roles via Private Message. They will either be a villager or a werewolf.
- Certain members will receive enhanced roles allowing them to have an ability within the game.
- During the Night, Villagers will hide within the village, it’s the werewolves’ job to find the villagers and kill them. If there is more than one villager hiding in the same place, than only one will die (random decision) unless more than one werewolf is attacking the same place.
- Once Night is over; I will post a description of the events which took place. This description may contain a clue of who the werewolves are.
- When the Day begins, all villagers will be able to vote on a member of the village to be executed. It is up to the villagers to determine which members are werewolves and get rid of them.
- When the Day is done, I will post another description and the night will begin.
- The cycle will continue until the game is finished.
- For the werewolves to win, they must kill all Villagers.
- For the Villagers to win, they must kill all werewolves.
- It’s against the rules to discuss your roll with any other member of the game, all discussion must be discussed with the thread in order to persuade other members opinions.
- At first werewolves will not know other werewolves, however if they attack the same place their identity will be known to one another. Only werewolves will be able to discuss with each other through PM, in order to plan attacks etc…


Villager – A normal villager, just trying to live their day to day life in peace.
Werewolf – An infected villager which at night turns into a blood thirsty werewolf.
Crazy Werewolf – This werewolf has gone mad due to the thirst of blood, this werewolf would even kill one of its own.
Doctor – This villager is skilled in saving the lives of others. Each night the Doctor will have the ability to protect one of the villagers.
Detective – Each night the detective will be allowed to name one other villager via PM, I will disclose whether this villager is a werewolf or not
The King – The king has the ability to stop the vote of execution and kill whomever he chooses. This ability can only be used once and therefore the King must be careful who he chooses to kill.

If we get 20+ Members these roles will be added:
Psycho: The psycho is a member of no faction, the Psycho's aim is to kill everyone in the village. Due to being a lone wolf, the Psycho also has the ability to Lynch one person throughout the game when they choose best.
Hunter: The Hunter is a villager who's job is to hunt down the werewolves and kill them.

Disclaimer: If the King is killed then the next day will consist of an anonymous election for a new King.

I think that clears everything up. So would anyone be interested? Hoping to get between 10 and 20 members though the more the merrier. The more people to sign up, I mat think of more important roles. If you’re interested please post your name below!
[Image: 20c62a6f57503c8c9ad8f289b603d0d4fd37b8e2_hq.gif]
I'll note that I'll give 2 days for sign up, unless we get 15-20 members. If we get less than 10 than the game will not be conducted.

Also, if you have any questions, please ask a way!

Members of the Village:

1. Lilitu
[COLOR="Red"][COLOR="Red"]2. HumbleTangerine DEAD - Human
3. FSjay91 DEAD - Werewolf[/COLOR][/COLOR]
4. Woolyhats
5. Bowyn Aerrow
6. Eth21
7. NayyNayy DEAD - Human (King)
8. Sylth
9. JaxC
11. Jovial
12. Tayvie

Places within the Village:

1. House 1
2. House 2
3. House 3
4. Stables
5. Market
6. School
7. Public Toilets
8. Kings chambers
9. Hospital
10. Graveyard
[Image: 20c62a6f57503c8c9ad8f289b603d0d4fd37b8e2_hq.gif]
This sounds intriguing albeit complicated… I shall study the rules Smile
Ooh I wanna play!

I used to play this all the time on another forum.
I love this game IRL so this sounds like it might be fun. I'm in! Smile
This sounds extremely interesting, sign me up!
Jovial Wrote:This sounds intriguing albeit complicated… I shall study the rules Smile

It's quite simple once the game starts, and should get easier after the first few rounds... giving that you survive that long.
[Image: 20c62a6f57503c8c9ad8f289b603d0d4fd37b8e2_hq.gif]
I'll play!
Me as well....

I'm clueless but it sounds fun.
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
Hmm I'll give it a shot sounds interesting
But I'm also abit clueless

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