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Genital warts - Help please
So I have genital warts. In my butt for things to be worse.

I've seen a doctor and he told me to come for a check up in several weeks so he can decide when to arrange the surgery. Apparently, they need to be removed surgically from my anus.

I have two questions:

1. If they opt for local anesthesia, where do they inject it? I hope not in my butthole because the mere thought of it pains my soul.

2. Can I bottom if I use a condom? I know that warts can be given even with a condom, but I'm interested what the chances are.

If you can, it'd be great not to pass judgement. I know I messed up.
1) Yes. If they do local anesthesia, it will be in your butthole. That's why it's called "local" anesthesia. That said? You probably won't even feel it, or it'll feel like a hemorrhoid acting up for about 60 seconds, then numb itself out.

2) I can't answer that, although I would advise you to TELL your partners that you have genital warts before being fucked by them and let them decide for themselves if they want to take the risk or not.

3) Yeah, you messed up, but I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. Its not like everyone gives extensive medical exams of every partner they've been with prior to being with them.
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Talk to your doctor about sex and genital warts.

Until you get this sorted out, it would be best to satisfy yourself with masturbation. Think how you would feel if you contracted warts from someone.
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Call your doctor's office and leave a message for your doctor to call you back because you have questions on the upcoming procedure. Have a list of questions ready. Write down the answers in case you forget.

The internet is no place for individual medical advice.

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