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Do you believe in them? if so any stories you'd like to share?

FYI i believe in ghosts
Hell yes.. and well.. I've got many stories, but I won't bore you with them all but the worst by far is one from when I was around 15, me, my mum and brother had just moved into a new house and had been there for a month or two, I had the back bedroom and had been re-positioning it all and re-decorating it, putting up posters, curtains etc, the time had flew by and I had school the next morning so well.. despite much arguing and not wanting to go to bed and me being a big wimp and scared of the dark I'd left the lamp in my room turned on like usual and was clambering into bed, 5-10 minutes later, still wide awake I had a few stuffed animals/teddies I'd kept since I was little and had them sitting on a seat infront of the walk in wardrobe door when one of them was launced across the room, hit the wall and bounced off followed by the giggle of what sounded like a girl, a horrible dark shadow and the opening and slamming of my room door, naturally I got up out of bed in shock, put all the ceiling light on, the TV on to kill the silence and put the teddy back, clambered back into bed and tried to pretend like it never happened - 5 minutes later it happened again only the tv shut off as did both lights and the door flew open.. this time round I legged it downstairs and eventually fell asleep down there on the sofa only to be awakened by some translucent bald figure pinning me down and strangling me, sounds mad maybe but once i'd gotten free so to speak with much struggling there was a fair amount of brusing, scratches on my neck that took around a month to heal up, everyone questioned them, friends, family etc i just said nothing and did my best to hide them by wearing a scarf, a bunch of necklaces.. a hooded jumper or something big and baggy at the neck.. that was well.. perhaps one of the most memorable, terrifying experiences.
I will probably regret saying this on a public message board...

....but I not only believe in ghosts I help them cross over but never in the manner you see on any TV show. or is much less glamorous and/or touching. Except for the one poor guy who wanted me to know he didnt' steal anyone's horse (dude..that was over 100 years ago...anyone who it mattered to is long gone!) spirit ever asks me to tell anyone else anything. I am totally reluctant to do it most of the time but I also know there isnt' alot of people who can help so I do it for that reason.

I have had some people through a friend of a friend ask me to help them with a spirit and that is even worse because I dont' like seeking them out...I prefer that if they MUST...they find me.

Up until I was maybe 26 I would just do it and then pretend it was just my imagination...until alot of my friends started dying of AIDS. The first time one visited me it was someone who I loved dearly and I was in the insurance building going to the bathroom when he came to say goodbye. He didnt' need help moving on but he wanted to tell me alot of stuff. After I left...and this was before cellphones...I did what he asked me to do...and then I went to work and another friend of ours came in to tell me he died at 4:30 but I already knew...and that is when I knew it wasn't my imagination. Subsequently I had dealings with alot of people when they died and left their body and I always find out within the hour afterward that they I am used to my gift and there is no way after having so many confirmations that I pretend I don't know anymore and I try to help when I can. The nice thing about saying goodbye though to people you know or love...none of those people ever need help moving on, I think that might be hard for lucky it never happened yet. I would of course do it if I needed to.

The other thing...most spirits are completely harmless and not at all scary...but there are the "others"...I have seen only a few frightening ones. One of the worst ones started to materialize in front of me and my friend and the f*cker went through us...maybe one of the creepiest moments of my life. This artist I know actually went into a trance and painted the spirit in exactly the place it happened...that was bizarre...
Actually me myself am a ghost hunter. I love helping the paranormal. Call me crazy but I make friends with some spirits too. But usually I am kinda like the female zak bagans o.o the biggest story I have is when I got semi possessed. I was kinda new to the paranormal and I used to attatch myself to demons which was not the best thing to do at all. so I started crying and snapping to people randomly. So I had to te the demon to go away and it hadn't bugged me ever since.
I don't know.

But when I was a runaway I ended up sleeping in an abandoned hotel. Some of us got into one room but I kept having nightmares of a brutally stabbed and bleeding woman crying to me for help and when I tried to help her I couldn't touch her as she was insubstantial. The nightmares were so intense and repeated, and then I found a couple of others (though not most) were having about the same dream so that I (along with the others having the nightmares) couldn't sleep in that room anymore. Later we found out that the room that gave us the nightmares was where a serial killer had murdered one of his victims shortly before the hotel shut down.

Ghost? Maybe. But I'm inclined to see it as more of a "psychic impression" in this case.
East, how many people have you helped like this??? Does this occur as a daily process or is it rarer than that? I can see how it could rapidly become exhausting. This reminds me of the film with Whoopi Goldberg... You must have known what that film was all about.
princealbertofb Wrote:East, how many people have you helped like this??? Does this occur as a daily process or is it rarer than that? I can see how it could rapidly become exhausting. This reminds me of the film with Whoopi Goldberg... You must have known what that film was all about.

Oh gosh...hundreds...way to many to count. When you are sensitive and can help they seek you out because they know you can help them....but thankfully not on a daily basis. Most of the people are just stuck and/or they actually forget what to do...kinda like being disoriented. Often times they hang around to watch over someone or try to finish something they needed to finish and eventually they get lost and need someone who can help them. It is usually really easy to help most of them.

One of them was REALLY DIFFICULT! It took weeks and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it. I was exhausted. This person was bad when they were alive and they were afraid of going into the light. I have to admit that the light in her soul was the size of a pea so I wasnt really sure if I could help...there are no manuals on the subject:biggrin:...she had asked me to plant her a tree to "live" in. I had to spend ALOT of time convincing her that God was forgiving and about love and while there would be karma she should welcome the chance instead of avoid it. When she finally went through I was shocked...totally didnt' expect it....but here is the weird part....

Maybe three years later I was at the Cow Palace in San Francisco and all of a sudden I felt her really strong and I was confused...I was sure she had moved on. I told Dave who was with me what was happening and how I didn't understand it. The thing with souls/spirits..they are as individual as any person and once you recognize a spirit you don't confuse it with another...and so I just let it go but the presence was getting stronger and stronger....I even tried talking to her but no response...and maybe 15 minutes into it I looked to the left of me and I saw a baby carriage and my hair stood on end...and if that wasn't bad enough...the father for some mysterious reason came back to push it just in front of me where he left it. It was her! OMG...she was really deformed and it looked like she was paralyzed but her eyes were moving. I knew this was karma where she had to learn a lesson and balance what she had done in her last lifetime and her spirit couldnt' talk to me at all (THANK GOD)....I was glad about that and I really wished I had been kind and loving toward her when I saw her laying there but I was so freaked out..I hope I didnt' instill any fear into her. It is on my list of things I regret.

About is similar except I dont' see the dark things dragging anyone down anywhere...they do that when you are alive! Wink The other thing...I dont' get any requests to tell anyone anything except this one time I offered to help someone figure out why there was a ghost in her house is a long story...but I found out he wanted to say goodbye. It was her soulmate and due to incidents in his life he was torn away from her and lived a miserable life...he showed me a slideshow of his life and a few times it stopped to show me particular I told her about it and it took her a couple days to figure out who it was and it hit her like a ton of bricks...and then he was gone....I was glad I could help her.
Yes I do .
I have a few living with me , we understand each other.
Whenever I am upset , there is always someone sitting at the end of my bed , I know who it is, and it is comforting to know he is there.

It's really funny , as a child I had a ghostly friend called Vernon , my dad always thought he was an imaginary friend.

When Jay was a bout 3 he started playing with Vernon, I had almost forgotten the smoked rum tobacco , it was such a peaceful and wonderful feeling of calm.

When Shyanne ( Jays little one) turned 2 Vernon once again made an appearance and is still there with her.
Nope. ..................
I know there are spiritual entities in the world.

This is not mere belief, this is knowing. I have seen/experienced things that defy logical explanation and fall outside of known physical phenomena.

Unfortunately most of my experiences have been with malevolent spiritual entities.

This is largely due to living with my mother. For further information I will link you to an older post:

The other reason why I wanted to be a minister, got my D.Min, was vying to join a friary was to make up for my childhood.

I am a man of Faith. I believe there is a God. No. I need to believe there is a God in order to offset the things I have seen.

As an adult I have had 'encounters' with 'things'. The phenomena of 'shadow people' is well known to me on a personal level. I have seen these things first hand. I have seen 'entities' that should not be there. Are these ghosts? I do not know what they are.

My Mother, in my early 30's as her mind cracked up into a million little pieces as she was denied access to 'magic', reported to me that she was being visited by my Great Grandmother (a sainted lady if any walked on this earth), my Aunts Carrie and Carol, my Eldest brother. These visits were taking place well after they had died.

On top of her claims of being visited by dead family members, she also told me that Jesus and the Apostles (who she was calling 'The Saints' by this time, a total change in her previous take on Christianity) were also visiting, however their visits (relatives) were violent, mostly them her slapping her about. The Saints and Jesus just stood around 'judging' her as she put it.

One night she called me and told me, begged me actually, to come down and seal her house against spirits. I drove down to her place in southern California, arriving at day break.

As soon as I walked into the house I could 'feel' negative energies - bad energies, nasty energies. It was thick in the air of the place. I stayed that night and witnessed 'something' slapping my mother around. There were marks on her body, slight bruising, arms, legs, across her back, her forehead. A few scratches too. If I was a less knowing person I could have easily wrote these off as self injury or 'accident'. But I knew better.

While I didn't see this 'thing', My Mother said it was my Great Grandmother, I did see my mother's head fly back as if slapped and saw the red impression of a hand complete with fingers appear on her cheek. Over the course of an hour she was shoved while walking to the kitchen, slapped 4 times - each time leaving a red hand-print on her cheek. and watched as her glass of water and the coaster it was sitting on move several inches - by itself to the edge of the coffee table the glass tumbled over.

As we sat there my my mother told me that my brother was sitting in the chair across from mine. Now I did feel a presence in that direction. I didn't see anyone. My mother then told me my brother was laughing at her. I didn't hear any laughter.

On my way to the bathroom the shadows in the hall and especially the shadows in the room that was my great grandmother's who had lived with my mother the last months of her life 'moved' and 'flickered'. There were presences (plural). Their intent to me was 'indifferent', but I could feel that their intent to be there was not 'good'.

Attempting a blessing of the house resulted in the smell of burning rubber suddenly appearing out of thing air, everywhere in the house. I checked for something burning - nothing was burning, nothing was smoldering. It was strongest in the room I was attempting to bless (the dinning room) and quickly lessened the further I waked from that room.

Ever hear a house scream? Sprinkling holy water on the walls caused a high pitch shriek - sort of like spraying water on a pan that has been over heated on the stove - but not just a noise (heard with the ears) one 'heard' inside the head.

Her husband was also being 'abused' by these entities, but not as violently. He definitely wasn't being allowed to sleep, reporting that as he slept he heard screaming that would wake him up. While I sat in their bedroom as they tried to sleep, he did sit bolt upright shaking and full of fear claiming to have heard screams. I didn't hear a thing.

He reported that everything he tried to eat or drink, while in the house, tasted terrible (his words "like shit"). He had taken to eating out after work. Even bringing home fast food the taste changed as soon as he walked into the house.

The second day as I was shaving after a shower I did catch a glimpse of my brother's face in the mirror. It looked like my brother, down to the quirky smile he would get when he was up to no good. Was it really my brother? I do not know.

I attempted exorcism of the house. While the house quieted down for about a month, no more moving shadows, no more slapping, shoving, screams in dreams, etc. The place just didn't feel right.

A month later my mother called me again crying that they were all back. The slapping, shoving, screams, bad tasting food, all of it was back and according to my mother happening a lot more. I went back and sure enough it was 'worse' my mother was now being scratched,her hair was being pulled - tuffs of hair would suddenly be 'yanked' and even pulled out causing her to scream. I watched it happen, there was no way my mother was doing this to her self.

Her husband left the house, went to a motel room in order to sleep. He did that the night while he was sleeping and someone (something) pulled the sheets back and scratched his chest and stomach deep enough to cause blood and welts - it looked like he has been attacked by a wild animal. While there is no doubt my mother could have done this, according to them she was in the living room being held down by my aunts.

The only solution was for them to move. Due to how they had done their finances they only place they could buy was a trailer in a trailer park. They lost a good deal of money on their two mortgages in the nice house. She also had to give up a lot of 'things' furniture, and junk that she had collected over the years. Not enough room in the trailer, and they couldn't afford a storage locker.

Before they moved into the place I blessed it, and had a few other minister/priest friends of mine come down to assist. I also had them stay at the old house that night to get their opinions. While nothing happened that night, they all felt that that house was a 'bad' place to be.

Once my mother and her husband moved into the trailer they were not 'disturbed' by these entities. I went back to the old house to find that once they had moved out the atmosphere had lightened and the house became simply a house again.

Where these vengeful ghosts? Possibly.

My Great Grandmother lived with my mother after she broke her hip. There is some question as to why she died. Officially when a 99 year old woman passes on no one thinks much about it. Unofficially there were questions raised by family members. It is possible that my mother through negligence caused my great-grandmother's death. Potentially abuse as well.

My brother, as most folk here know, was kicked out of the house at age 16 by my mother and never allowed to come back, this caused him to have to turn to prostitution to survive the streets of L.A. This also lead to drug use and HIV and eventually a young death from AIDS.

My aunts had their 'issues' with my mother. There was a lot of bad feeling there, no one actually said why, but it was obvious.

There may be good reasons why these 'ghosts' would come back to 'haunt' my mother.

This was near the end of my being around either of my parents or being in contact with them. The last letter I received from my mother was about 14 years ago. In it she told me
that 'The Saints' and Jesus were visiting her, standing there watching her and she feared that she was going to hell.

That was pretty much the last I heard from her.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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