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Good Indie Games?
Hey guys, i have mentioned before that i make gaming videos for YouTube. If you want to check me out its the same username on there as it is on here.

What i wanted to know is what kinda indie games you guys have played and if you have any suggestions for series i could do.

So far i have done Firewatch, Papers Please and Risky Rescue but i wondered if you guys knew of anything along these lines that i could do. The mor outrageous and funny the better! Thanks guys!

Also any other YouTubers out there i can support by subscribing too?
Horror games are fun. Plenty of slenderman etc. Markiplier, though rather obnoxiously over the top, is fun to watch when he is scaring the sh.t out of himself.

Also i imagine supporting someone on their social media would involve more than mere subscribing/following. As someone with creative content on social media myself, I much prefer and appreciate peoples comments and thoughts than a mere Like or Follow.
DayZ is a good indie game as long as you have a decent PC and don't mind occasional lag and glitches, I can't wait for it to come out on PS4
kl, what social media and creative content do you induldge in? I will have to check out some more horror games, i am so bad at them though haha
tiff2600 Wrote:kl, what social media and creative content do you induldge in? I will have to check out some more horror games, i am so bad at them though haha

My own music, and simple videos to go with them.
Yamimash is another one I used to watch, you'll get plenty of game ideas from there Smile. The Slenderman series and different variants are good, I also thoroughly enjoyed watching playthroughs of different games of the Amnesia series Smile. There are so many good ones out there Smile
Try Pony island it's a new very quirky indie horror game.
Limbo is one of the best games I've ever played and it comes from a Danish independent developer , its a monochrome puzzle solving game with a brilliant fresh look with some fiendishly tricky puzzles - im still hoping they do a sequel
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