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Guy friend coming over for the first time
So this guy I like is coming over for the first time tonight for a little bit and I'm not sure what to do?
Let me give you a little background. We're both in the college marching band. I'm gay and he is bi. All right that's cool. Big Grin The other day before the football game he called me over by my full name which no one does but we were only friends really on facebook so he doesn't know that. He told me that my hair looked good because I just recently dyed it. I was like thank you (slight blush). Don't think he knows that I thought he was cute since last year. He took the first step though by saying that, so Saturday night while I was at a party, I decided to text him. Granted I may have been a little inebriated but he responded and we've been talking a little bit every day for the past week. I said we should hang out sometime, on Saturday night, and he would have totally come over that night but he was blazed and across campus. We've been trying to hang out this whole week but he had an exam last night so he's been studying 24/7 for it. He's said he wants to hang out but I'm nervous because
1) I don't really know what to do when/if he comes over
2) He might not come over because his homework and he has a quiz tomorrow at eight
3) I'm not sure if he even likes me because it seems like he does but idk for sure.
Any advice? I kinda just want to hear what people have to say about this and what to do if he comes over tonight.
First of all.........relax......
Looks like a great friendship might form between the two of you or a romantic one could as well.........
Just be careful, you don't want to rush into anything quickly...

You said you didnt know what to do when he comes over, well just take it easy and relax. Try not to be consumed by it all if he comes over or not. If he does, he does and if he doesn't he will later when he can, I'm sure.

If you are really looking for things to do what about a dvd, computer games, just ask him........he might want to pop out for a bite to eat or something, just ask.

Golden rule........relax, enjoy and take it easy. Easier said than done --- I know.....

Good luck with it all I hope you have a super time.......:biggrin:
Don't be nervous first of all... That ussually makes the other person very insecure of what to do... Try to act like he is a good friend...
Whatever happens, I wish that it goes very well for the both of you.
It sounds like a great friendship which will hopefully grow into something bigger and as lizzielee said above, Just relax and try and take it one step at a time.
For a long lasting relationship you need to trust each other first and if that just means being great friends first of all then that's fine, You will both know in your hearts when the time is right and I really do hope that things do work out for the both of you.
If it doesn't then there is always another day and gradually you will grow stronger and more confident.
Just try and enjoy the experience. X
Do what you would do with any friend the first time they come over. Chat, play a game, work on homework together, have something to eat or drink, etc...

Just relax and be you, don't expect romance or sex but, if it happens and you want that, go with it.
kennyv92 Wrote:...
1) I don't really know what to do when/if he comes over
2) He might not come over because his homework and he has a quiz tomorrow at eight
3) I'm not sure if he even likes me because it seems like he does but idk for sure. ...

you might offer to first off help him go over his quiz study. Tell him to bring over his notes and if its the kinda the thing you can; offer to ask questions and listen to his answers.

if you offer some food tell him in advance that he dosnt eat before.
up front discuss what time he needs to leave, for his classes next am. That way no guilt if he stays the night.
Try to relax and be yourself.

Exiting! Let us know how it turned out.
Just relax ,be yourself and have fun.
Whip out the iPad or laptop and get to fapping! Jokes.
Don't pressure him into anything. Things will fall into your favor if you be patient.
If not, then don't waste your time on it.

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