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Is my best friend gay
Hi, I'm gay and I think my bed friend is gay but I can't really tell. I'm like madly in love with him and he seems very gay to me but he hooks up with girls. I think he knows I'm gay but if he did, and he were straight, why would he keep hanging out with me? We get food almost every day and we hang out a lot. Every time we are sitting watching tv we just gaze into each others eyes for minutes at a time Does he like me? If so how do I go about approaching it?

There is so much subtlety going on. How old is he? People in their adolescence can be sexually curious and fluid. In this case, maybe he wants to know what it feels like to hang out with a guy, or even go further. If not, it could be that he's bi-curious or something.
Above are all possibilities. Nothing substantial. I wish I could tell you what he really meant, but unfortunately I can't. Would you mind taking a step forward to see how he might react?

If he's your best friend, shouldn't he be the one person in the world you can talk to about all this?

Was that a Freudian slip calling him your bed friend?!! :-p think the above posters make some good points. Good luck with it all I bet it must be the most frustrating situation to be in!!

Hi Jerseyboy. You're in love with your friend and you might be projecting your sexuality on him. You may not be. You don't know and neither do we. The first step might be to tell him you are gay. Even if he suspects you are gay and still hangs out with you is a great thing. He sees you as your friend and loves you unconditionally. By telling him you are gay, it opens up the opportunity for conversation, something you seriously need with him. Even if he is straight, he probably doesn't care that you aren't.
You need to stop your misery right now and share this with him.

He can still be straight, one of my best friends is straight and has a girlfriend but we hang out a lot, that doesn't say anything

Did you really ask why a straight male would hang out with or have a friend who is homosexual?
''Do I look civilized to you?''

Don't spoil what you guys have as a friendship. When I was 18 I told my best friend I loved him. I hardly saw him after that.
An eye for an eye

Dan1980 Wrote:Don't spoil what you guys have as a friendship. When I was 18 I told my best friend I loved him. I hardly saw him after that.

Sorry to hear that. I've had the same tragedy back in high school. However, I think at least by telling him, I know that guy was not worthy of my love or friendship since he wouldn't even talk to me.

In comparison, I told a straight friend that I liked him years ago. He didn't overreact and say that he was flattered. Now we are still great friends and talk to each other regularly. I think that's what friends are for.

Jerseyboy7 Wrote:I think he knows I'm gay

Come out to him then. If you do he'll probably say if he's gay or Bisexual.

Besides you really need to come out to him before you can come on to him anyway.

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