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Had enough of drinking!!
From tonight on woulds I'm going T-totall, I've had enough of drinking and getting drunk, I like be able to drive when I'm out so that when I've had enough I can drive home, or just drive about (Boy Racer like lol). I become a total twat when I drink too which fucks what mates I do have right off lol!

Sorry Frank!!!
Be careful not to get the job of driving people around because you don't drink.

Good luck though, alcohol is bad!
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I have never failed, I have just found many ways which are incorrect.
Everyone has a story, some people just have a better way of telling it.
In this Concrete Jungle we live, our survival is love that we give.[/SIZE]
CardShark Wrote:alcohol is bad!

Baby2 yeppers Baby2
Drinking and driving dose not go to together.Pepsiis better.
Reach for the moon if you miss you will be amoung the stars
I don't drink and drive BTW!!!
Marsh and I seem to get happy just drinking bubbly water mixed with some fruit juice... Are we normal??? Wink :biggrin:
Normal? Absolutely not, I deny it completely Wink
Every night I give up drinking until I get back from work tomorrow.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
I think I drink too much but it is all relative. To some I will drink a lot to others I will barely wet my whistle.

I do tend to drink Thursdays to Sundays and not at all on Mondays to Wednesdays but that is not set in stone. On an average week I may have half a bottle of wine 4 pints and 2 shorts. Sometimes, normally on a Saturday I may drink all that in one day.

I do not think I exceed the weekly limit for a man for a week 21 units that often but I do feel my drinking my be going up so I want to get a grip of it whilst it is at reasonable levels.
Yes that would be reasonable Selkie... You can't underestimate the treachery of drinking... If it's not your liver it's after, it will be your waistline... or your brain.

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