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Hair Back There
wakeboarder Wrote:not to go off topic, but what are some shaving tips? everytime i shave i break out really bad. even if i use an electric razor.

I have no idea what you mean by break out - as in raw pinkish skin or razor bumps? the two are different and have very different causes. The first is scraping away the top layer of skin, the later can be a mix of the razor pulling individual hairs, leading to shaving off a small part of skin on the 'hill' created from pulling, or, which is more typical, your hair is curly to kinky thus once cut is bends back on itself and goes back under the skin.

If it is red, raw skin shave less. Many men do the fast, short repeating pass, or shave against the grain, attempting to get as smooth as possible. If you shave that way. Stop it.

Pre-soak the hair in very warm water. I take a shower before I shave, thus heating up the room and getting the hair soaked. Use a water based lube (KY- has many uses) instead of a gel or a cream. This way the razor blade(s) will pass over the skin and be less likely to scrap off the top layer of skin. Follow with a cleaning. I use a moisturizing body gel on my face, this gets all of the KY off.

DO NOT use alcohol based after shaves if you have sensitive skin. alcohol irritates more than helps.

If its bumps there isn't much you really can do. Expect treat the bumps like they are cuts/scratches. thus use a cortisone cream OR a medicinal moisturizer (something with Vitamin E) or a topical antibiotic. Upside is that these will prevent or knock down potential infections, downside is that you are going to cause more problems as the pores are readily filled with the oils of these products, thus leading to hair getting trapped under the skin leading to ingrown hairs.

Many men are switching to hair removal creams and ointments. Products like Nair (a more well known name brand) These tend to chemically burn through the hair, not cutting it, and also tend to burn beneath the layer of skin.

There are products designed specifically for facial hair (which is typically tougher and thicker) and products designed for body hair. This later you have to read the directions carefully, they will tell you to not use the product on nipples and other sensitive body parts.

Electric razors need to be 'broken in' If they have the circular heads,then you have to make certain that when you take it apart to clean it all the bits go back to their original place. Minor differences and wear and tear lead to pulling and uneven shaving. Once the razor has been used long enough, the guard and the spinning blade will match up better and do less tearing of hairs, less pulling and less razor burn.

There is also an electric razor powder, it tends to work better than liquid pre-shave products.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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I hate shaving wakeboarder i have a sensitive skin which could be causing you to endure itchy redness
I shave. I don't think it makes a difference for sex, but it probably does make a difference if you expect your partner to rim you. Which I certainly do.
zeon Wrote:I hate shaving wakeboarder i have a sensitive skin which could be causing you to endure itchy redness

Interesting, your sensitive skin causes his itchy redness......

Xyxwave :tongue:
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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i see nothing wrong with hair. I have hair and i dont think its a big deal at all.

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