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Having a "rebound" after serious relationship ends
Rainbowmum Wrote:I think that rebound dating is a totally selfish act, where someone innocent pays for the mistakes of someone else.
It's cruel to raise and mislead the hopes of another person.

I would say sort your self out first.

Just for clarification...

You mean, in a general sense, we should get ourselves sorted out first before we start dating again after a break up?
Yep, exactly what I mean .Confusedmile:
It's unfair to make someone to be the REBOUND. Just put yourself into their shoes. The only thing that you can do is, to do whatever you can in order to move on in life, like making new friends or hang out with some good friends to keep you occupied . I know it's hard because i have the same problem right now. Let's do it together!

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