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He showed me his tests and his is healthy - should I be concerned still?
Hi all!
I want to start having bare sex (me bottom) with this wonderful guy I met and really like and just wanted to hear your advice.
I am healthy, tested, no STD.
He has shown me his test results and is neg and STD free. The test was done last week.
We already did unprotected oral, kissing, but then protected intercourse.
What concerns should I have if I want him to go unprotected inside me and also finish off inside me?
Is there an "incubation period" etc. He does assure me he is safe, gets tested at least once a year and plus I saw the test results from a clinic I know.
Thank you all!
Wait for another three months, be tested again and maybe if you are both monogamous you can have a go at it? Make sure he agrees to protect himself if (by chance) he doesn't only have sex with you. That's the least he can promise if you give him freedom to roam about.
No exceptions, always use protection, PERIOD!

It's great in theory,
but monogamy doesn't mean shit in the real world.

We as animals,
especially ones with penises,
aren't naturally inclined for monogamy.

Some people try it, most fail at it, and the rest are lying.

But risks are called risks for a reason....
so take them knowing all the possibilities,
and don't be shocked with the consequences
when they stop by to say hello.

So, to answer your question:

Yes, if you plan to fuck bareback,
you should still and always be concerned,
since, (ironically) you're not so much about you health,
given your plans to go raw anyways.

[Image: tumblr_m4flmmpYM51rnz3joo1_500.gif]
You might find the following sites useful:

HIV has an incubation period of between 7 to 10 days. The term "Incubation Period" means the time between exposure and the first appearance of symptoms.

At this time, many people exposed to HIV will experience a short flue-like illness and may develop a red blotchy rash on the trunk of the body. The rash will never go further than above the chest or below the waste or on the arms, legs and face. This is known as HIV Seroconversion illness.

P.A. is quite correct in advising you to test again three months after your first test. The first test will tell you your HIV status at the time of your test the second test is a confirmatory test taken after your body has had sufficient time to respond fully to the HIV virus. The time between tests is known as the Window Period. During the Window Period an infected person may not have sufficient quantities of HIV in their blood to be detected in a test, yet is still able to transmit the virus to others.

The most common type of HIV test looks for a particular protein secreted by the CD4 and CD8 receptor cells in response to infection from HIV. There is a more sensitive test which looks for genetic materiel of HIV and this is more often used to confirm a positive result from the first type of test.

Testing too early or without taking a second test three months later may give what is known as a "False Negative" test result.

Still, I have some questions.

How well do you know this guy and how soon after you met him did you first have sex with him? I note you say it was protected sex and that he was able to show you his results from a clinic you say you know, but was this a first test or a second test taken after the window period?

Think about this. You're planning to have unprotected penetrative sex as the receptive partner (Considered to be "High Risk" activity) with a guy who feels the need to be tested regularly and who is, conveniently, able to show you his printed (presumably) test results. Why does he feel the need to keep a printed copy of his test results?

A year between tests for HIV is too long when you consider the incubation period.
If sex is a rare thing for both of you, or only inside of relationships, then chances are pretty high this one test is sufficient to demonstrate 'we are clean'. Depends. If it was the Antibody test and its been 3+ months since the last time ya'll had sex, chances are high that its accurate - go and bareback like little bears.

If you all have had sex in the past 3 months, then you got to wait until that 3 month window has closed if you are going to do the antibody test.

I have no idea how accurate these Antibody tests are now days, but back in the day there were reports of people going years after the last time they had sex testing negative with the antibody test, simply because the strain of virus they had didn't cause the body to produce enough antibodies to be seen via the tests. The virus can be there and spreadable, but the body is not responding to the virus and producing sufficient antibodies to be picked up via the test.

The alternative, which is more timely (a month) is the RNA test. Not only is it able to detect the virus at an earlier time it is actually far more accurate as it looks for the RNA signature of the virus (RNA to virus what DNA is to you).

Antibody tests ("Rapid" tests) — give a positive result based on antibodies to HIV, not the virus itself.
  • 2-8 weeks (up to 2 months) after infection, most people will have enough antibodies to test positive
  • 12 weeks (3 months) after infection, about 97% of people will have enough antibodies to test positive
Antigen tests (RNA tests) — show a positive result based on the presence of the virus. These tests are more expensive than anitbody tests, so are not offered in as many places.
  • 1-3 weeks after infection, there will be enough viral material for a positive result
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
Just remember that if you think your partner is being monogamous with you and you later find out that he isn't, you won't be the first to be completely shocked, blind-sided, and devastated to learn that. Only your own delusion can convince you that it can't/won't happen to you.

Whenever there is a murder, rape, or other horrendous crime and the suspect is a quiet priest or family man next door and people say, "I've known him for years and he could NEVER do that!" I just role my eyes and think, here we go again. People never learn.

I think monogamy IS possible between two guys, but for me it would take a lot of trust-building first. Even then, of course, there are no guarantees.
Well speaking from personal experience and my last relationship having HIV become a third wheel about 3 years into the relationship... Yeah these guys going on about not trusting a person may have a good reason to go on about it.

My ex and I both tested negative when he moved in, we did it the safe route, wore condoms for three months, got tested again, both of us were negative.... we both decided to stop buying condoms. Then came the day nearly three years into our relationship when he comes home and tells me he failed the test.

Fortunately I was the top in that relationship thus was at far less risk than being a bottom. I still sweated bullets for years after with the Antibody test and such a wide margin of error on it. Even with the first RNA test I wasn't relieved - it took two more (total of three) before I could breath a sigh of relief on that score.

It wouldn't be until year 8 of our relationship (about 5 years after coming home with HIV) they he came out and admitted he had sex with a positive guy while in a relationship with me (around the 18 month mark).

So yeah, getting tested really doesn't mean squat. And trust and belief in what a person tells you only goes so far.

I would love nothing better than to believe that you have that perfect relationship where with this test you two can bareback with no problem.

I fear time has a way of undoing trust, of revealing falsehoods and other terrible things. I just hope that what happens to you is not your getting shingles and going to doctor and being tested for HIV and fail the test because the man you trusted infected you.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
Well, there are ways that he could have falsified the document, but I highly doubt it. I would not want to go through all the work and risk required to make a falsified document, and you could get into much worse problems with the law. Also, if you think you can trust the guy, then you should be able to trust the results, unless the doctor screwed up the testing. You could ask him to go with you, but if he did a STD check a week ago, I would say that it should be totally fine. You can find HIV and AIDS through blood test, and probably other STDs as well through the same test. Also, you should get yourself tested as well. As long as both of you don't have any sexual diseases, you can bare all you want. You can't catch a cold from someone who does have it. Just do go for regular check ups in case if both you got HIV from workplace accidents like leaving a deep cut and working in really dirty places.
there is cautious and then there is paranoid.

There are always going to be risks, how much risk you want to go with is up to you but unless you suspect the he has been fooling around alot in the weeks leading up to the test then having a clean bill of health is the safest your going to get without being laminated.

some people are saying to wait for another couple of weeks and then get a retest yes you could do that if you really wanted to be sure but what are the chances of passing the first test and failing the second?

what are the chances of a condom breaking in the mean time?
T sup up more or less what everyone else has said: DON'T!
"You can be young without money but you can't be old without money"
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