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Hello I'm back
Hi everyone I use to have an account years ago and have no way to access it again so I'm back as Zingy.

I use to live in Ireland 8 years ago I moved to Germany.

Alot has changed with me and I'm strong in many ways but after Corona happened I've been suffering from social anxiety which kinda lead me into alcohol Issum. Wondering if anyone else is having similar problems or advice ?
Welcome back Zingy. Alcohol use disorder may not be totally "alcoholism." You can definitely get reliable help for the concerns you describe. You are definitely not alone as we all have suffered in several ways. At the same time, I've witnessed many who've resolved old issues and concerns by being "forced" to change their lifestyle by the pandemic limitations. Sort it out here dude! I for one would love to read what you have to say. Regardless, you know you are very welcome here. Lovelove
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Hello Zingy, and welcome back!

I can understand your fear about alcoholism, the fact that you are aware of it is a good thing. You need to be mindful of your actions, and turning to something other than alcohol when stressed or lonely.
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Hello Zingy, and welcome back!
Welcome back @Zïngy! Hope you pop back soon Smile

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