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Hello family. I am a young student named Sageun & I would love your help!!
Hello all, I love the idea of this site! The gay community needs more stuff like this where we can ban together to get stuff done! I am a broke student \ starving artists. Ha, no I am doing just fine though. I am amazed to be living in this world because I think that it is remarkable. I am so glad to be here. I want to know if I can get us to ban together to make something beautiful happen!? Check it out. Ok, and so as not to come off like I am just in it for screen time I will explain myself in great detail. This is no copy paste job, this is from my heart right to Gayspeak! Here is what I propose.
I am a young student and an avid reader of your site. Ha, now listen; what I am about to say for a story idea I do not want to be construed as me being selfish or egotistical. By nature, I could see how it could seem like that but I think it would be cool for us to ban together (seems like we dont do that enough Undecided ) to put a young gay like me on MadMen. Now I know how it sounds but hear me out:
If I win the Mad Men Casting Call photo contest with enough votes, It will go to me. Now maybe your thinking; why should I care if this punk is on Madmen? I will tell you; First and foremost; I am not an aspiring actor. Lets put that baby to bed right now. This is not about being seen. It is about meeting the writers for me and with that networking I can do amazing things for our kind! I can be the next Dustin Lance Black! (without the dirty video) You can help me become the next Alan Ball! If the votes of the gays get me on the Mad Men set.. I can take it from there. I am a charming liitle son of a gun and once Im in it will be like a sting operation of networking gay magic. Think of it like an X-Men style Mission.
Now how do you know if my ideas are good? Why would you help a young gay guy get onto this set for this opportunity"...What has he done for the movement besides watched "Liza With A Z" 28 times? From the Steps of the San Francisco Supreme Court to the Suburbs of Mesa Arizona I have fought for us to marry! Not to mention I am obsessed with Art-Deco and everything 1960's. That photo you see (link included last) is how I actually dress! Without the smoking, heterosexuality, and chauvinism I am practically a Madman already. I deserve this more than the run-of-the-mill hot chick that will surely win if I dont get some gay reinforcements backing my cause. She only has 917 votes right now... thats not a little, but its certainly not alot. We can out-number her! Hoorah! Ha, I know the idea might sound a little goofy-minded but its worth a shot. I will give you the link to the photo so you can see for yourself. I dabble in Graphic Design and with no ego I think its not so bad.

Thank you readers of Gayspeak =o) Lets make it happen!

Mad Men link: I cannot post it here cause the site wont let me Undecided, but if you would like to vote for me please message me so I can give you the link ! Thank you!

Hi and Welcome,

I hope to read you many times again Confusedmile:
Proud to be Gay & Pagan

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Welcome to the forum. Confusedmile:
Er, hello and welcome ... I think Wink
The weather has been bad here, didn't see the whirlwind coming Smile

Welcome to GS non-the-less Smile
Welcome to GS!
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