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Hey there! Got any advice?
Hello all, I’m looking for some advice, but a brief introduction first. I’m 22 and a senior in college at one of the country’s top public universities. I’m 5’8” and 140ish pounds, brown short hair, and green eyes. I’m attractive; my girls tell me I’m about an 8.5 on their “straight attractiveness scale”. I dress trendy, and I take care of myself. I’m going to dental school next year.

I’m gay. I’ve never been in a relationship, just tricks and hookups. I didn’t come out until last year because of family reasons, and I made an amazing friend who helped me through the process. I stopped my shenanigans of hooking up after only two weeks. I’ve behaved myself since then (about 3 months). Aside from my hoe-ish phase, I’m a good guy. I have gay friends here at college and have met some other gay guys too, but I don’t understand why I’m single. I used to say I was single by choice (to keep myself from random hookups). I just feel like no one wants me or recognizes me for the whole package of who I am.

Thanks so much.
You are at that age where most guys are not ready to settle, commit. The 'hoe-ish phase' as you call it is nothing to be ashamed of, we all go through it to some degree and it is just one of life's lessons and random hook-ups don't make a person a bad guy.

The simple fact is you are ready for something that a lot of your peers aren't ready for, I guess you have matured earlier than them, but you aren't by a long shot alone in that. Finding someone and dating them is never easy, it's a process that generally progresses from friendship, so you just haven't met the right friend yet, so just keep on meeting people, usually that special someone comes along when you least expect it. Wink
Hi and Welcome Confusedmile:

Here in Germany we say " Every pot gets his lid "... so you have only to wait if you are the pot or the lid ... means : Take it easy.... like all the others you will find your partner, too.
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