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Hi All, New Member With An Issue!!
Hi All

Just like to say a big hello to u all Biggrina

I have also got an issue i like to share with u, if u can help me please!!

I know this might seem wierd to some of u...but someone commented on a pic of mine that my feet look wierd!! This made me feel paranoid in a way i guess...

If u dont mind, can u have a look at my pic below and tell me what u think, be honest i dont mind...


Thanks guys

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No need to feel paranoid, or even concerned that your feet are unusual. If you can walk, be grateful.

My life wasn't exactly blighted when, following an outbreak of an apparently contagious foot infection at school, we had to sit on the benches in the changing room after having changed for a swimming lesson (I've since wondered at the appropriateness of a teacher crawling around the floor examining the feet of adolescent boys dressed only in their swimming trunks) to undergo personal inspections for what we called "Chinese foot-rot". When he got to me the teacher exclaimed in a theatrically loud voice, so everyone could hear, "<surname>!! Your feet are deformed!! Look at the size of your big toe!!" Of course had he not been a PE teacher and genetically disposed to bullying he could have been quite fanciable. I've sometimes fantasised that, with his head level with my groin, he was speaking euphemistically.

No, I wouldn't be paranoid, Add22, no ... not at all ... much Rolleyes

As long as they are fit for purpose?
Hi Add22... nothing looks wrong with your feet? Welcome to GS Wink
Welcome and nothing looks wrong with your foot.
hi welcome to GS
nowt wrong with that foot m8
atleast nowt worse than mine being size 11/12 LOL Biggrina
Hello and welcome to the forum!Confusedmile:

Nah.. your foot looks fine. You cut your nails too close maybe leave it a bit longer?

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



Welcome to the forum Confusedmile:

What do you think is wrong with your foot? Looks like a normal, 5 toed foot.
Hi there!!

I'm soo not gonna look at the pic myself... I just can't stand feet! not even my own!! lol

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
wouldlikemuscle Wrote:Hi there!!

I'm soo not gonna look at the pic myself... I just can't stand feet! not even my own!! lol

totally dude... I aint biting, LOL... hope all you feet freaks enjoyed :eek:
Can i join the not lookin club...feet aren't a favourite body part of mine either Wink but welcome dood!


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