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Hi guy's.....
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself to you all. I live in London with my husband and 2 cats.
Never joined a forum before so go easy on me! Happy
hello welcome
i live with 2 cats to, lazy animals don't do nothing for nobody.
Hi and Welcome ! Confusedmile:
Proud to be Gay & Pagan

[Image: pentagramm.gif]

31.10 Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween
21.12 Yule
STOP eating Animals !
Hi and welcome to GS.

Get a dog and have a true friend.
Welcome to the forum!
Hi there! First forum? Well I'm glad you joined this forum first. I hope ya enjoy it here and you post here as much as you can.

I'm one of those terrible tourists you see in London from time-to-time. But I am there frequently enough to have my own Oyster Card, so maybe I'm not such a bad tourist. Confusedmile:
welcome to the best sight i have ever been on
[SIZE=2]Fellow Londoner eh?

Enjoy your stay!Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Hey, Guy, Welcome, and ditto with what Mr. Lonely said!!

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