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Horror Movie Recommendations
I got 3 recommendations, and they are all amazing:

1) The Haunting (original 1963): This is I think the first movie to ever actually give me nightmares. What makes it so scary is that the threat is unseen. Imagine being in a strange mansion and waking up in the middle of the night to violent banging coming from down the hall, slowly moving toward your room. Good stuff. And it has Riff from West Side Story.

2) The original Japanese version of the Ring: This is one of the best kinds of Japanese horror. Slow, foreboding, and just creepy as hell.

3) Drag Me to Hell: It's a lot of visual and startle horror, but it's the best kind. I normally don't look away when things get gross in movies, but this one made me on several occasions. Sam Raimi doing what he does best.
Jay Wrote:Out of all these, I only watched the Exorcist. Watched it for the first time when I was in still a young kid. I wasn't scared at the time probably because I didn't get it.

I watched Evil Dead when I was 9 years old. Holy hell. It was officially the scariest movie that I ever watched at the time.

The latest horror movie that I watched was The Crazies (2010). I must say, it was very good.

A lot of my friends recommended a British horror movie called The Descent (2005). I only watched partial of it and it was scary alright.

you know some time after i watched the descent i went to go visit a cave in ohioConfusedmile:
you should proabaly check out this out movie called threads,its not a horror movie per say but it is defiantly disturbing and friehtning,oh and the august underground series if you like blairwitch style movies(beware though that the second movie in the series is very,very! grotesque and sickening:frownSmile
Two of my favorite horrors are Dead End and From Dusk Till Dawn The Hangman's Daughter. :eek:
I love horror movies. Scary, creepy, maybe gory.

I loved "The Others" with Nicole Kidman.

I also have a love/hate relationship with zombie movies. I have to see them when I find out about them, but I end up having nightmares! LOL I was scarred for live when I saw the original (1979) "Dawn Of The Dead" when I was 10 years old.
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Scariest movie of all time.....Glitter....hahahahahaha

Sorry guys...i just had too...
the two i liked:
Jeepers creepers 2001 & 2003
drag me to hell 2009

thought this were super scary and my partner saw them:
The Kingdom
SlipknotRlZZ Wrote:Salem's Lot (old version)
Shutter Island
The Fourth Kind (brilliant movie)
The Ring (never seen it, just a bit of it, and I was scared to death)
Storm of The Century

...and by horrors I understand not gory shit, but things that are actually scary. :] I will add more if I think of any, I know a lot.

I cannot agree more. Psychological thrillers like Shutter Island are fantastic. Yet, I have not been scared by any horror movie since I was a kid . . . except one, "The Fourth Kind". I did not sleep that night nor did my older brother, who I saw the film with. I threatened to put a white owl outside of his window. LOL Anyway, for me, horror movies have to be about plot, about story and not about blood and gore.

The 4th kind... wow, for me its the most scary movie i have ever watch...
I remember at the middle of the film i had to stop it and check if that was real...
The only movie that has made me lose sleep since I was twelve.


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