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Horror Movie Recommendations
Rosemary's Baby, that was some weird and scary stuff.
Shutter Island,
Resident Evil (only first movie)
i agree with nyou kenny on the first movie of resident evil because the other two have gone crap however apparently they are realeasing all of them in one as a complete back to back movie joining them all up so who knows where this is going to go. I wouldnt recommend dead mans hand... Its cheaply done and really tacky... Woman in black which is in the cinemas dont waste your money either as it is a load of dogs dollops to be honest... I knew that if i wasnt hooked within five minutes i shouldnt have finished the film as it didnt get better
Resident evil and shutter islannd are no where near horror haha

Incidiuous creeped me out loads,
Halloween 1 ,
Nightmare on elm street (Old Fredies)
i dont find horrors scarey but these made me jump haha
The ring is pretty scary.

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