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How best to remove body hair?
Something that I have considered for awhile, but really would like to do is remove my body hair, but I don't necessarily what the safest and easiest way to do that is. Would shaving be the best option, or are there better options?
Google "hair removal." There are several options depending on where, how much, and your budget.
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The thing with shaving is that once you start shaving, the hair tends to come back fast and often thicker. It would be a very regular thing to upkeep, but is probably the most simple option. I do this, when I can be bothered, or when there is the vaguest chance someone might actually see me naked in the flesh, for my upper arms and back, which get affected by hair quite a bit, which I don't like.

Waxing is more difficult but tends to keep the hair away for a little longer and it tends not to grow back so thick, at least not straight away. If you are doing it yourself, it is slightly easier to get wrong, and proper aftercare is needed as it can be quite taxing on your skin.

Aside from some trimming of the pubic hair, I leave everything else alone (aside from upper arms and back as I described). Hair everywhere else is a big plus for me Smile. Removing chest hair or leg hair is sacrilege in my eyes lol.

But as LJay suggests, the internet offers a wealth of information on this subject.
Thanks, I just felt overwhelmed with all the info some said that Nair is good to use others said it's not. Some said the hair growing back thicker is a myth etc.
I just cant even go there, shaving my face is enough of a nightmare
Confuzzled4 Wrote:Thanks, I just felt overwhelmed with all the info some said that Nair is good to use others said it's not. Some said the hair growing back thicker is a myth etc.

The hair removal creams that I've seen arr not meant for the nether regions. That and the fact that some experience serious burns has kept me from trying it.

Shaving works, but there are consequences. When you shave against the grain you cut it the closest to the skin, but the sharp edge of the hair is then more likely to pierce the skin and go ingrown. The hairs don't grow out thicker, that is a myth. Some hairs could be fractured, cutting those off at the root makes it grow out normally again.

If smooth skin isn't necesary, I recommend trimming. It makes you look bigger, but not prepubescent.
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Oh no, more than trimming down there is not happening. It's holy land, really restricted access.
Why is everyone obsessed with removal?
I would Google what pro swimmers do to remove body hair , im sure they would use a good reliable method as they need it removed but not to cause problems as well as it could effect training
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I shave under my arms, against the grain every day, but down there i jut slide the blade over just to kinda keep it down, cuz i'm too lazy to shave it all the time since i'm not even sexually active XD though the times that i've gone 100% hairless i've just shaved nothing magical about that Tongue

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