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How big is Australia.
Came across this picture in Facebook that compares the size of Europe to Australia, didn't realise the difference was that big.

[Image: 418178_325213844183372_1856464600_n.jpg]

Even Tasmania, our smallest State, is larger than a few European countries.
Well it's considered a continent for a reason.Wink
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
abut the size of texas
just kidding
More than considered, it actually is Wink

Australia is also a Country and an Island.
Wow! Now I want to see how it compares to the USA!

That was quick. Neat webpage. 8^)

Here's another:
[Image: BigObjFileManager?bigobjid=GA6264]
I remember in primary school they always used to tell us that you could fit France into Quebec 5 times.
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Don't you love how all our "New World" countries (Aus., Canada, USA) are geographical giants?
Here's another site that compares everywhere to the USA.
a little bit smaller than the Europe.

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