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How do I take my boyfriend's virginity?
Hey everybody, I am new to this website, and I need some advice...

I recently got into a new relationship. I am highly experienced in sex (at my old school I really got around but I am now ready to commit). However, my boyfriend has had absolutely no experience, and I was even his first kiss! He is extremely cute and sweet and I do not want to rush him whatsoever, but I know there will be a time soon where we will want to begin various forms of sex.

So far I think he is shy when initiating any form of affection, and as the "dominant" partner in the relationship, I have started all our makeout sessions and whatnot. It's just really hard, lately, to hold back on my intense physical attraction for him, and I want to move further. He is a stunningly beautiful boy with big eyes, long legs, and a perfectly round *** and to not touch him is a difficult thing to do.

So my question is, how long should I wait before we run through all the bases? Should I try to touch his penis or finger him before starting blow jobs and all the rest? How should we talk about this?

(just to be clear, I am in love with his personality too, and I am not just interested in the sex)

Thanks to everyone who replies!!
-- Anon
I don't think we can tell you what would be the right thing for him. Only he can tell you that.
I'm glad that you like him and you have a strong physical attraction for him. Yep, I would have a discussion with him about it. Here are some questions for you: How are you going to approach him? Are you going to be direct or work your way around the topic in a more indirect way? Could you ask his opinion about the best time for a young couple to have sex? What will you do if he tell you or gives you indicators that he his not ready? Just some options in the form of questions.
I see your profile says your 17, is that true? How old is your boy friend, if he is considerably younger, you need to be careful. Especially engaging in sexual activity. Sexually speaking you may be an adult, he may still be a minor, even talking about it could be illegal. Do his parents know he is gay, that can burn you. Look up your states laws, you must have that knowledge.

Its sad but this is very dangerous legally speaking for young gay men. Especially if they are evangelical Bible beating gay haters. Just be careful, educate yourself on law, know this buddy it can really mess up your life.

I hate that I have to issue that warning, but it must be headed
I'm with Hank on the legality issue. No relationship is worth going to jail and being labeled a pedophile for the rest of your life. But as far as when is the best time to start even talking about having sex, that would be strictly up to him. You are obviously ready for it but if he isn't then it can cause problems for the both of you.
Well... I've never been intimate either, and from my perspective, communicate. I mean only he can tell you when and where, and you simply can not guess out every aspect of an relationship. Besides if you 2 are in a real relationship, it shouldn't be a topic worth hiding.
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.
welcome to gayspeak
make sure you both are tested at a free clinic. Get the free HEP vaccination. Go with him.

when he starts to expect a make out session maybe that would be time to move on to something else. Offer him a beer, cook a dinner, watch a gtm or soft porn on the portable, get him thinking. A back rub gets his shirt off.
I think you should give your posting for your boyf to read... exit stage right
The simple answer: You don't, you wait for him to give himself to you. It's his body, his choice. Talk to him but it is his call.
Exactly what blue said, As his other half you should be patient.

It's hard to give something like that away so easily.

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