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How do you find someone for that first time?
Any advice on how to find someone to start experimenting with? I am very interested in meeting up and experiencing another man, but I have absolutely no idea how to find someone.

I really like my life the way it is, and I do not want to be openly gay. I just want to find someone to have sex with instead of continuing to fantasize about it for the rest of my life, you know?
There are tons of websites that cater to hook ups. Just google gay dating sites.
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Yes, try gay dating websites. Find someone from your area, meet and try those things you are fantasizing.
Grid'r and other apps and sites are out there. Used to be Yahoo, MSN and Google Groups had lots of groups for hook-ups. Instant Messaging things like Yahoo used to have meeting set up chat rooms....
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Goatshins Wrote:Any advice on how to find someone to start experimenting with? I am very interested in meeting up and experiencing another man, but I have absolutely no idea how to find someone.

Sorry I've got to say it, but that sounds so clinical, 'experimenting with.' I suppose there are guys out there that will be interested in experimenting with you, just be careful. [/SIZE]

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About how to find someone the guys above have told enough.
Maybe it is not wrong to give a other advice : Take care that you - especially for the first times till you know how you react - never go to a meeting if you are *whisper* really horny... I helped some friends through there first times... through their coming outs and I saw every time the same problem : The " Goddess ..what have I done" Problem.... it is always better to leave a meeting as to act without head :-) Start slow and secure and you wake up the next morning happy and healthy and without crying in the bathroom.
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Thanks. Any specific gay dating sites that are free? I've tried Craig's list, but it has it's limitations.

Any other thoughts?
One thing I've actually used, lol, not sure if I'm proud of this or not, but it is what it is, I used a website, found some guys on there.

But for my first time I went to a gay bar I've been to kind of a lot before that with my best friend at the time who was lesbian and I planned on hooking up. I just got super drunk, found a tall, hot, blonde haired, blue eyed guy (my favorite by the way! lol) and just went at it back at his place! lol. I don't remember a whole lot of it though because I was super wasted but it was fun. Not recommending you get super drunk and hook up with a guy, it's just what I did.

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