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How important is anal sex to gay/bi men?
I am a bi man who really doesn't have any desire to have anal sex. I know I wouldn't enjoy being anally penetrated and don't really want to top a guy either. I just don't find anything about the anal cavity sexually appealing. Would you be interested or satisfied with a sexual relationship or encounter that didn't involve anything involving anal sex or rimming?
For the most part,,, I haven't enjoyed anal sex.. There were times when it was OK, and times where it was nothing but a pain...
I am a senior citizen and that kind of sex is out of the question for me - even if I use Preparation-H (smile)...

To me,,, rimming is not a very sanitary thing to do,, some people enjoy it and that is great,, it's just not for me...
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Thanks for the input @jimcrackcorn. I tend to agree with you there.
@VeryOriginalUsername It just depends on the guy, some guys are all about that, others not so much. At any rate, if anal is something you're not sure you want to do just do what you're comfortable with. I also agree with @jimcrackcorn while guys will tell you how great getting rimmed is, it is still a butt lol. One of my "things" as I wouldn't call it a pet peeve is that I got to shower before and after. I hate the butt smell and I hate the slimey, greasiness of lube.
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Everyone is different - it all depends on the different guy.

I don't do oral at all -giving or receiving - never did.
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As others have said, it depends on the individual. For me, personally, I consider sex without anal involved to be incomplete. When it comes to penetration I'm versatile and enjoy both, but my favourite thing (by a long shot) is to rim a cute guy - it gets me horny like nothing else can. Moreover, again only if the guy is cute, I prefer unwashed - maybe that's more of a fetish, but it's what I enjoy, and I absolutely love the smell of a cute guy's hole! I mention cute as if the guy does not qualify as cute, in my opinion, then I wouldn't rim him at all - penetration for sure, but no rimming. Funny that, but it is what it is...
I think it's hot to see a guy get a rim job in porn but I don't think I would ever do it myself (giving or receiving). For anal sex though, I love it ? I don't think I would end a relationship if I was with someone that didn't do anal, I know there are guys out there that don't, because I do have plenty of toys to play with whenever I get the urge ?
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There are lots of ways to have sex. People's tastes and moods can change. As long as you are clear with others about what you're into and what you're not into, you should be fine. Easy, open, honest communication is really the most important part.
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Anal is part of a healthy diet. I don’t need it every time, but it needs to be on the menu.

Being gay is not for Sissies.
Why make rules? Besides, we all change over time. My early sexual adventures were of giving and receiving anal. Although I found being rimmed a total turn on I could never return the favour. When I learnt of the known health risks my attitude hardened. For a long time now I’ve been unable to watch gay porn with rimming taking place.
In my mid 50’s I somehow started to find passive anal sex very painful. Soon after I found myself not wanting to ‘return the favour’ either. I fell in love with an amazing man in my mid fifties finding making love with him without penetration the most ecstatic experience I'd ever been blessed with. Something magic I really can’t explain took place between us. On a physical level our bodies from head to toe somehow became as sensitive and as responsive as the tip of our cocks. A sky diving accident took him from me but in some ways he’s still with me. I have no expectation I’ll find anyone like him again - at my age of 75 I’m not desperately looking anyhow.

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