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How important is anal sex to gay/bi men?
(04-14-2021, 10:39 PM)VeryOriginalUsername Wrote: I am a bi man who really doesn't have any desire to have anal sex. I know I wouldn't enjoy being anally penetrated and don't really want to top a guy either. I just don't find anything about the anal cavity sexually appealing. Would you be interested or satisfied with a sexual relationship or encounter that didn't involve anything involving anal sex or rimming?

I really resonate with this post because I enjoy anal sex but my partner does not. Through conversation we both agreed that there was sexual acts and even non sexual acts that made us feel more connected than anal sex does. I think it’s a large talking point of any community. However I am unsure if that’s because it still seems taboo in some peoples eyes. 

To answer the question, I personally believe there are ways to have fulfilling relationships or even just sexual encounters that do not include anal or rimming.
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Underlying all this is the powerful influence of porn on young minds, not just ‘queer' minds.
I get pissed off when homophobic straight males criticize male/male anal sex. If we take the high % of anal sex inflicted on straight women in today’s porn they’re in no position to criticize. Add the fact women don’t possess a prostate gland up there (a major erogenous zone in males !) and they need to be informed (apart from a very low % of exceptional women) when they shove it up their lady friends rear end they aren’t always dishing out joy unlimited.

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