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How to move from east coast to west coast?
I want to move to California. I've been saving up my money and have been doing all sorts of moving-out-math, factoring everything, from taxes to groceries, and it looks like I could make it assuming I found a job within several months. But I looked at some of the apartments online. I have the credit and income that most of the landlords want, but most of them say something like "you must have a monthly income equal to two times the monthly rent payment in order to be considered" and it's like, okay, I have that . . . but I would technically be unemployed when I move in.

I mean, do they just mean my average income? Because I realize it could take me several months to find a new job, that's why I've been saving up my money, so I have enough to rough it out until I get a new job out there, and I know most companies probably aren't going to bother with my resume if I haven't changed my address yet. Like, how am I supposed to move to California if I would have to get a new job in California, but to get a new job in California I would have to find a new apartment in California, to find a new apartment in California ... I would have to find a new job in California!?!?

I mean, like I said, I've been saving my money. Could I just call up and be like, "hey, yo, I wanna move to Cali but I don't have a job there yet, but how about four or five months rent in advance instead of two? PS I have an excellent credit score so please let me move in!!!!!!"

It's just so frustrating because I spent years to get to the point where I am now, where I have a degree and work experience that should land me a job wherever I move, but I run into problems like this.
I think those are good questions. I would ask the leasing agents what you need to bring in as proof of income. This might be your bank statement (this is probably common if you're a contractor) or pay stubs from your employer. You should first in my opinion try to secure employment before signing a lease, that takes care of your main concern and lowers risk on your part. After all I would feel better having a lease with a job I'm starting or about to start rather being unemployed and not knowing if or when you will be. That could be a sticking point for an apartment complex, knowing that you're unemployed at the time of application.

Back to employers...
Also when it comes to jobs, depending on your profession, tenure, etc, some companies will pay you to relocate and are willing to work it out time to allow you to move. Also consider remote work. If your office is anywhere then you can do things at your pace and not have to be married to a location.

I am in a similar boat since I am going to relocate to Atlanta. Like I want employers to see me as someone who is already there, because not all employers want to deal with someone moving across the state or country if they want someone on-site. So, if you have a friend in CA who will let you use their address on your resume/CV that might be a home field advantage.
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I'm not sure how it is in the US compared to the UK but you'd struggle to rent anywhere without a job here. I was in a position where I had to pay six months rent up front once as the person I was moving in with had a CCJ. Offering the rent up front is worth a go but like @InbetweenDreams said I would be looking to secure work first before trying to secure a place if possible. It will make getting accepted for that place easier for sure.

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