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How to stop flirting
So...Haven't posted in a long time..Been out meeting (men) Big Grin!
Sadly, gay or straight...For example today I flirted with 2 guys without knowing...! Like completely straight out I guess flirting..I had my friend with me and after she told me I was totally flirting... I was very surprised.
I don't even know how to flirt..I did it on impulse of seeing extremely hot men!

One being a pharmacist the other..Was just some dude that bumped into me :O

Now, I know this will sound weird, but is there a way to STOP flirting without noticing.. O.o;
I rather not be known for flirting with every hot guy around LOL!
That's a certain "gay guy...Kill him!" alert.
not sure, especially with your Taurus sign...but I guess
Tauri (is that a word) are hard-headed enough to change
their behavior if they want to. I wish I had your problem...
just the opposite here. I don't flirt nearly as much as I'd like
to and don't realize I've been flirted with until the moment
is past. gods, I don't think i'm ever gonna get laid, lol.

Back to you, tho. If you really think it's a problem maybe
don't quit, just tone it down a little. Flirting is great fun,
harmless foreplay, and healthy. and fun. and and and,
ok, i'll hush. hugs kisses and all my best flirty stuff!!!!
Every once in a while you should be all like, "am I flirting?" and then if yer insides are all like "yeah dude, you are" then stop doing the thing you were doing before and then you will stop flirting so much.

Trust me, I know what i am saying. I am smart. Look at me smoking a pipe.

Yer welcome.

*phew* I've been puttin' out fires all over the place today.
ps....the 6 dollar shirts guy is kinda cute!
I'm just worried it may get me into trouble!
I always hear stuff about beating gay men around my area get :|
In all seriousness, if you're really that concerned about it (which you probably shouldn't be) then you should start by recognizing if you're really overtly flirting or not (especially with someone who is not flirting back). Just start being a bit more aware of your interactions, which you're already doing by giving the matter this much thought.
That's true I suppose!
I worry a lot just because of how my own family acts around me when I go around ANY men >;o
Pisses me off.
Fuck families. Seriously. I think that, as a society, we should come to the agreement that if you happen to find that you were born into a household full of assholes, then both parties should come to an amicable agreement of separation. You're family shouldn't act weird. I'm tired of having to pussy foot around other people's inability to be a decent human being.

Got off on a tangent there. Sorry.
It's hard to break it when you are a natural flirt. I am too but, you can stop it. The basics, eyes on face or neck, as inexpressive as you can make them, keep your hands at your sides, neck straight, minimize the smiles and don't puff up like a bloody peacock when you see a hot guy. I know it's instinct to show him you best side, sexy smile, and natural grace, but if you don't want him to notice you in that way quite so fast, tense up a little at first, until you know it's safe to relax and let the flirt out. And, don't sound too interested in anything they might brag about. Acknowledge it, maybe an "Oh, cool" in a tone that says "good for you but not a big deal to me."

In a nut shell, until you know otherwise, every hot guy is a married breeder and, is the pastor of the closest church. That should cure the unintentional flirt, or at least make you aware of doing it. (or your grandfather naked, whichever works LOL)
I'm going through the same thing. I think after you've had some fun flirting and actually get a boyfriend, things will stop. It's normal after finding out your sexuality. I think you should be happy with being a flirt, though. There's nothing wrong with it.

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