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How would be your perfect date?
Hi guys!

Let's talk about your Ideal way of dating someone... I know this life is fast and also bussy to the point we have had many dates, some just too informal to seems as a date, more like a meeting... Speaking about myself, the last time I had a good dinner in a nice place with someone was really... well I don't remember, in fact most of my recent dates have been in fast food restaurants or mall food courts Sad. But speaking about the opportunity to have something special, yes this could be with someone new, but I imagine this kind of dates like when you already have a partner.

My perfect main "dream" date would be like this:

In a White Sand beach in the Caribbean sea, with a table, simple, chairs together looking at the sea. at 6pm, having a dinner with light candles...

[Image: kamala-beach-phuket-restaurant-old-siam-...-spa-1.jpg]

Or maybe option 2:
In the forest with an improvised table, sitting in the grass, just over a mantle, with food we made ourselves, peanut butter sandwiches, or some cupcakes, with orange juice. like this one:

[Image: c919ef111dfb5999ef429af3bbe44788.jpg]

ah... I forget that's called a picnic lol.
Nice country pub with a open fire, then Park up somewhere with a nice view and watch he night sky. Nothing fancy.
[Image: giphy.gif]
love your #1 Shawn Smile
cept add that its starting to get a bit cooler but the water is warm on your feet and the next couple hours involve snuggling and looking and the sky, listening to the waves! Big Grin
"When you think all is forsaken,
Listen to me now
You need never feel broken again
Sometimes darkness can show you the light
" ~Disturbed
I think both settings are awesome. There's a few places over here that have a view like that and are likely not to be disturbed too...

I never do fast food. I try to look for comfy places, like a coffee shop or a sandwich place...Nothing overly least not for the first date. Of course I want to treat someone to something better than the dollar menu too.

I don't think a perfect date has to be a perfect setting. I can think of plenty of perfect dates, doesn't have to be from a scene out of a movie. I will say dinner out on the beach on a moonlit night sounds pretty awesome. I've only been on the beach once at night and instantly I thought about doing photography on the beach at night...Thought I might get neat results...

Dates for that matter don't have to involve food, I mean I'd be happy to take the telescope out one night and spend much of the night looking at the stars with someone.... OR just doing something I normally wouldn't go out and do on my own or with friends.

I guess though I don't know what "I" actually want, I seem to be one trying to impress and think of things to make it a perfect date for the other person...which might still be miles away from what they want too...Hmmm....something to think about for sure. It's also very early here and my brain isn't firing on all cylinders yet...
I generally hated dating because I do NOT want to put my best foot forward...or pretend anything to get laid. I like to keep it real and just BE...and I want my date to do the same.......

I also never looked for a boyfriend or a lover..I adored being by myself and I have no problem with it....which is EXACTLY the key to finding someone else..ironically LOL

My perfect date I already had.....

Up and down the California Coast....stopping where ever we felt like stopping...listening to Tracy Chapman in his truck all night and going to secluded beaches and restaurants on the cliffs...and Big Sur.....and tiny old hotels....holding his hand on the beach and not saying a word...I fell in love with him completely...he was perfect....and that was 30+ years ago....we are still together....
As much as I love the sun, for me it'd be a nice meal and some wine, then an autumnal-wintry evening walk, with stars out overhead, leaves crunching underfoot and your breath misting in front of you. We'd talk for a while about stupid things and share that awkward first date laugh where you know you have chemistry and then somehow you stop, share that look and end up kissing for the first time.
A perfect date for me would involve three things. Good conversation, good food, and good sex.

That all can scale up fancy and be like a date where we go to a museum and talk about what we saw or learned, and eat in a nice restaurant, or it could scale down to something more casual like sitting in a park and talking about life and eating street tacos.

I'm not so big on romance in terms of having a perfect setting or an ideal mood. I like things to be more organic than that. If we can have a good time talking on the train and eating Chinese takeout, we're good.
I'm thinking of a date I had a few months ago. It was still very warm out, and we went to this restaurant with a cobblestone outdoor patio with lots of plants and those twinkling white lights in the trees. We had a great meal, and then he asked if I wanted to walk. We crossed over to a beautiful waterfront park, walked and talked. It was late, so the area was fairly quiet, and we sat and watched the city reflected on the river, all the lights. It was so, so nice.

After a couple more dates, we realized that we didn't really have much sexual chemistry, but he's become a good friend. I appreciate him because when we hang out, we always end up doing neat stuff like the Museum of Science or hiking in "urban wilderness" spots that I never knew existed.
It would have to be spring. Not too warm, not cold.
I would actually like a date here in my hometown. At a resturant up on one of the mountains here. Nice view, nice resturant. Checked out the menu last week, it looked good.
Bad thing is that the tourists start coming in the spring, and the queue for the transport up the mountain is so long then. Ah just remembered that you can walk passed that queue if you already have tickets.

But before dinner there, maybe check out some spots in this town. Let the guy who might not be from here decide which spots he'd like to check out.
A trip to the Aquarium here could be fun.

After dinner, good sex.
I would prefer that the guy is experienced, so that he could give me a great first time.

Good conversation, good food, and good sex basically.
"Perfect" just sounds too demanding for me. I certainly cannot pull off "perfect" or even close, and I don't expect it from others, accordingly.

I'd just rather have a guy that sticks in the long run, who can make me feel comfortable being with him anywhere at any time, so the first dates might as well not be very special if the later is the result.
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