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I am broken!!
Yesterday I was stood on at work by one of the *darling* young horses we have in at the moment. It was rather painful but I could walk, in a fashion, so I left my boot on and carried on working.

After work I removed my boot and was a little disappointed to discover that there was no black toe nail - I had assumed this was what had been causing me pain whilst I was walking as it was just the tip of my toe that was immensly painful. The middle toe was a little swollen but that was that. An hour later I was a little worried to find that the majority of my middle toe was BLACK!!!! The bruise was all the way up the side of my toe and went in a ring round the back of my toe under the 'pad' of the toe. I treated it with various concoctions from the vets cabinet (I live at work and the vets cabinet always comes in handy!!!) and strapped it up.

This morning I jumped out of bed having rather forgotten about it and screeched pretty loud from the pain as I landed on it!!! After finishing morning yards I tootled off to the doctors (I very nearly wrote vets then!!) to have it checked out. Doctor says she is as certain as she can be without an x-ray that it is broken, I should be resting with foot elevated - FAT CHANCE - I'm working!!! Can't see the boss giving me sick leave for a broken toe and mine is not a job where I can just be left to sit at a desk and do paperwork!! I now have an impressive cocktail of painkillers to take whilst its bad and wait 6 weeks for it to heal!!

I love my job :biggrin: plus I can't believe how painful such a small prt of your body can be!!
Oh, Penny, you have my sympathy. Toes can be very painful. At least you broke yours honourably and in the line of duty. I did mine in the line of stupidity, some years back. Having fallen asleep in an armchair I woke up with pins and needles in one leg. I shook it around a bit to encourage circulation and, lacking appropriate control, my foot hit the ground rather hard :eek:
Hope you feel better soon.
I had a little problem with a toe and it needed operating on... yeah, those tiny things can get pretty painful and amazing how they can affect ones life.

Best of luck with the healing and do try to follow doctor orders when you can as they can heal all wrong and ya dont want to go thru it all over again!
You have my sympathy too love.. A few weeks back i jumped out of bed to get the front door and kicked the door frame dis - locating my toes had to pop them one at a time back in and it KILLED... Also at work slipping off a curb i dislocated toes and had to do the same in the street toes are a killer for such a tiny bone

kindest regards and get better soon love

lots a hugz

zeon x
Snap too doorframes...i did all 5 toes on me left foot last year and hadda work 40' up in the air paintin windowframes the next morn!


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