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I had a massage from a male friend with happy ending, I am getting very confused
Hey there guys. So apart from loving gay porn, texting hot stuff to men, and having phone sex with men a few times thus leading me to the confusion I had a nice encounter a few days ago. Two older guys hit on me at work and gave me there card and number to go to there house for some business gathering, slash party. I decided to go and I got a little buzzed from drinking. One of the guys I met said to give me a massage so I couldn't resist. I was nervous I admit. He took me to his bedroom and told me to just chill and started joking around. I relaxed a little and he started giving me massage on my upper body. Man was it so good. He relaxed me so good, until he went towards my cock. He massaged it slowly teasing me for almost an hour, then he started jerking it hard and called me fag, slut, and I exploded and had a crazy orgasm. Since then he is waiting for me to go out with him and he will show me other things but I dont know, I am confused. I really want to but I am really getting confused on what is happening to me. Can you guys help?

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I had a massage from a male friend with happy ending, I am getting very confused - by drewnyc7 - 08-17-2011, 03:21 AM

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