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I have a speech today
It's an extemporaneous (planned but not scripted) speech and it's not being graded, but I want to do something about LGBT people because this topic is so important to me. Any suggestions? It can be about any issue facing the LGBT community.
Hello, Arkansota, and thanks for your thread.... Well, you'd like to defend the gay, lesbian and transsexual cause. That's good. I think we need to know in what context you are going to give this speech. School? Church? Family reunion? It sounds like it's official, so is it school or university? Or something like the City Hall?
maybe cover a subject about how the USA's laws of protection to LGBT compares to other countries - plus where they could improve compared to other countries who have even better equality ..

Just off the top of my head, but im sure someone will post a really good topic, what are your suggestion that you are considering ?
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