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I heart Google
This is so beautiful

Oh google...Herz

Now that the niceties are out of the way Google will now continue its quest for world domination, on the bright side that world will be pro gay.
I liked that video, I liked the fact that it existed too.... I hope many young depressed youths will see it and think about their lives differently. In the meantime, there is still so much more education to be done.... it's daunting, innit? (innit????)
princealbertofb Wrote:it's daunting, innit? (innit????)

Yeah, i know! innit(isn't it) doe(Though)!

Can i Axe(ask) you a question blud(blud>Blood>Relative>EG Brother= good friend?)?


Sorry, just sick of youth speach.:redface:

Carry on!:tongue:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
If the question was for me, blood... why? Well, erm... it's daunting because when we think we've got it easy, there is still so much ignorance and counter- or mis-information spread around that it'll be a great task to put things right in terms of knowledge and science... not just plain bloody ignorance and bigotry. It's a pity all the energy that is put into promoting bigotry and ignorance isn't put into learning more and progress... innit???
Much as I have a problem with this whole campaign I can't deny a tear came to the eye whilst watching that.

I thought this article in The Guardian made it very clear what we are up against. Once again the discussion that follows the article is interesting too.

Outing homophobia's deadly consequences | Naseem Rakha | Comment is free |
I love google,too!

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