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I lost it!!!
Okay, so here goes my story ... ahh!

I have been in a relationship for 4 years now, "with a girl" love her with all my heart, but at the same time battling the ideas of men and me being gay. I was just wanting to figure everything out but didn't want to cheat .. well here is my story

Okay so this happened two nights ago! I met a guy at a party, well more of a get together with some friends, we were just sitting next to each other, doing the usual chit chat "bullshit" stuff, and we were drinking. So, after a while he was like are you interested in coming over to watch a movie and drink a little or whatever, his roomies were having people over, I said sure why not. "I did not know he was gay" nor was he out, nor does he act it .... we watched "the town", ah such a badass movie, so I was about to leave and I had a flat tire, "UGH" so I called him and was like "yo, bro is it alright if I were to crash here, my tire is flat blah blah blah" He was like yeah bro, not a problem. So I went back inside and he was like you can sleep in my bed, I'll crash on the floor, since some other people were crashing on the couch. I said alright, we were both laying in his bed watching some TV show, and next thing I know he grabs my leg. I literally was so shocked, I looked at him and said "uhm what are you doing" .. he goes OMG I am so sorry, I said nah it's cool, don't worry. He stopped, and about five minutes later he did it again, I looked at him and said are you gay? and he was like "please don't kill me" I said why would I, nothing is wrong with being gay, blah blah blah ... he was like I have been with one guy, just gave head, I am not out, "were both athletes on the college campus" please don't out me, I explained my story and issues and next thing I know, he is making out with me and I am getting butterflies, it was like I was falling in love all over again. So I obviously went along with it and didn't stop, next thing my dick is out and hes stroking and sucking me slowly, I was so hard and hot, I pulled his cock out and just shoved it in my mouth, and I almost cried because right then and there I knew ... I was "GAY" I just knew it, I enjoyed it so much plus the fact that when we were kissing I was getting butterflies. I just knew .. so we 69 for a little, and he was fingering me, which semi hurt and then he said I know you have NEVER done this let alone be with a guy but wanna try anal, I was hesitant but I said yes. He got a condom out, lubed me up and his cock and slowly entered. I almost died hahaha, it hurt a little but after 5 minutes I was loving it ... we ended up cumming and then cuddling and semi talking about the issues.

We both starting crying a little, and it felt bittersweet .. glad it happened, now I am talking with him more, obviously it's only 2 days old but we will see where it goes. I am planning on coming out to some people within the month and see how it goes. I ended it with the women I love ... I told her who I was and she said it's alright I've known, I asked how and she said "GaySpeak" and gay porn and stuff I left on my computer, and she said NO STRAIGHT man puts half naked men on their wallpaper ... haha, it ended well.

Well, it sounds like you feel happy, which is all you need. Congrats on your 'coming out' to yourself, hopefully the rest goes as smoothly.
I pulled his cock out and just shoved it in my mouth, and I almost cried because right then and there I knew ... I was "GAY" I just knew it

If you had any idea how big a smile and how warm a glow in my heart this just gave me...

Life can be beautiful
Congrats for finding yourself and welcome to GaySpeak. Confusedmile:
First of all, Welcome. Second of all, that is... so sweet. Congratulations Smile
I second Charley's remark. Congratulations on finding yourself.

Don't forget to always play safe.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Welcome to the Gs family

nice story congrats on coming out to yourself now comes the good part

IT gets better
Well, congratulations, dude!! I am really happy to hear things worked out this way, it's awesome when they do!! :]]
OMG, that story was quite interesting and amazing, lol, if only something like that would happen to me, lol, Welcome and congrats on coming out~
Aw congrats Mr. Smile I hope you now find the strength to say it to others if you so desire and now live your live as how you feel; truthfully and honestly Smile

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