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I'm Steven from Vietnam
Hi, everyone, I'm Steven from Vietnam. First of all, my English is not good (though I've been studying 4 yearsCry, If there is any error, please forgive me, and if you don't mind correct me too, pleaseConfusedmile:.
I'm 21, Hair, eyes are all black, I work in a photo shop. I like to listening to songs and I sing all the time (which always gives the people around me a headache).
And I really wonder Can I post a making friend post?
Hi and welcome! Confusedmile:
Your English is very good!
I love music, what kind of songs are you singing to the delight of the people around you? :tongue:
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Hello Steven welcome to GS.
G day Steven, and welcome
Welcome to the forum Steven.

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Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]
welcome to the forums steven!
Hi Steven! Your English is very okay (better than me!)!!! Welcome to GS!

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