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I need a drink
I am a recovered alcoholic and haven't touched alcohol for six years, but this year has been a bad one. I can't cope I need a drink but I don't want to waist the six years of sobriety that I have had but I am finding it really difficult to say no to the bottle. Has anyone got any suggestions. Thank you
Would it help to find someone to talk to? A therapist or a friend maybe? Or if you know other people who are in recovery, you could reach out to them to talk or do other activities to take your mind to a more positive place?

How did you stay sober initially? Did you attend meetings? If so, maybe you could look back into that, or reconnect with people who helped you out before.

I just think its important that you dont try to go through it alone, you should reach out to some sort of support system. 2016 has sucked big in general, and whether its some of the stuff thats been going on that bothers you, or if its more personal things, its important you do something to combat the negativity you're feeling. Volunteer, take a class, try to get a change in the people and spaces you are currently around.

And its good to self reflect too - what exactly is bringing you down? Why does that make you want to drink? Why do you value your sobriety? What are the positive things in your life? Things like that.
Find something to distract you. A hobby. Play Pokemon.
Learn the piano. Smile

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