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I nominate gilhooly to be kicked out of GS
I am not understanding this thread??
MrBareBack Wrote:I am not understanding this thread??
Not a good thread for a newbie to visit - best to ignore it and enjoy the much better threads! Smile Actually would be a good thread for everyone to ignore as dfiant said, but I couldn't just let my persona be attacked without saying something.
Please feel free to vote against me. Please add another infraction. Everytime I leave GS my mouse hovers around the Delete my Account. It is time for me to join all the other top posters who have dissappeared. I am not getting any more sympathetic to young guys who like to fuck each other and forget about it.
Guys I loved (past tense) being gay for 65 years. Young guys like to go back 3 months. Put an age limit on the site. You will agree with everything you read, As a matter of fact you will be able to preprogram your posts since they all sound alike.
The idea that billions of people want to cut our gay throats is to awful to discuss, Hope you are alive 40 years from now. All those nasty fundamentalists are pulling your leg. Saudis are not beheading gay guys just giving them some rehab. The world is perfect so you have nothing to worry about.
At 65 I can now sit down in a soft chair and watch the whole world go fuck itself to death and misery. I guess I am the only one going broke. Good luck kids.
Gilhooly, no one cares, stop seeking attention.
Hello All,
Right time for Aunty Zeon to voice an opinion on this.....

I am.... I am FUCKING Disgusted... Infact im more than disgusted im fucking horrified to find a 65 year old and a 30 year old fighting over something so trivial... Your both grown adults and your fighting like this??? First and fourmost you two dont know each other personally... Sil your a jordie lad yes they dont like to back down however it doesnt give you right to attack Gilhooly and Gi you may have been in the marines but that doesnt mean your a hero so dont attack Sil... I have been here quite sometime and welcomed many a member and this is the first time ive got out my pram...
If you two have a domestic to attend to then I suggest as a bit of advice that you both sort your differences out... People say and do things in life that can be mis read in a way they are not ment to be however if any member sends any nasty advice to another he or she should be bloody ashamed of ones self... I didnt join this forum and stay for ages to see something like this,... I joined because its a friendly accepting forum where alot of the world doesnt accept us... If this was a work place would this mean that two members of staff could be reprimanded for their actions??? Yes... No member should feel he or she should have to place every member in the forum on a voting poll and I am pleased to see a 100% vote for gihooly to stay as this shows despite peoples views they behave in a manner which is deemed professional at all times... This forum is only as strong as its members and people who have a disagreement should be adults and talk about whats causing a rift and try to tackle it without causing alarm, distress or harrassment...
If this fails then the only options left are ignore one another, (highly recommended if possible) be civilised or leave... No one should take the third option however if a member of the community chooses to continue to harrass another person then i would imagen this would lead to a possible suspension or even exclusion of someones account from a great forum.... I would like to see this thread ideally locked deleted forgiven and forgotten so my question to BOTH Gilhooly and Sil is..... CAN YOU BOTH FORGIVE FORGET AND MOVE ON FROM THIS PLEASE??? We dont need to fight here regardless who is at fault...

Kindest regards ment in this thread to both parties affected

Aunty Zeon x

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