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I still think she might be cheating...
Okay so I've been with my girlfriend for a few months now, and I love her and really want everything to work. I know there are so many things that I can trust her with but for some reason I can't seem to trust her with my heart..

So my girlfriend, Sarah, and I met on a poetry site a long time ago, I dated her ex before we met. Well on the poetry site a girl, who i'm going to call R, messaged me asking if I was with sarah. when I told her I was she said " I'm really sorry but Sarah has a boyfriend, its all over facebook and she's been messaging me flirting with me." R sent me a conversation between her and sarah which i can't prove did or did not happen but it was Sarah's number written..

I confronted Sarah about what R said. Without me telling her who said anything she said "No I don't have a boyfriend but this girl named R thinks I'm dating my bestfriend Liam." she told me she let him call her his girlfriend because he's gay and doesn't want his friends to know.

I really want to believe her but...

Its like the times never match up, and she tends to stop messaging me alot. She'll say she's at work and then she logs on to the poetry website. Then tells me she's not on. I don't know if I should believe her or not...

Sorry this is so long and to all who actually read it, Thank you.

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